It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (27 Photos)

  • Spartacus

    #22 Is how I live my life…..


    Gas will go to 5.00 this summer!
    I am riding my bike

    • nemesis

      Relax, it could be worse. When I was last in the UK (just before Christmas), petrol was 1.25 pounds a litre. That's about $7.70 per US gallon.

      • JAMESJ


        • Mr Factual

          It sucks so much here in England. It's hit £1.30 a litre and the government have plans to make it £2. ATM its nearer $9 a gallon

          • Ole Per

            It nearly $10 a gallon in Norway, but then you can pay $70,000.00 for a honda civic in Norway as well so the petrol looks pretty cheap.

      • Leo

        In the Netherlands the official price is 1.70 euro per liter. That's almost 9 Euro per US Gallon ($1.40=1 Euro, 1 Galon=3.8l). That bloody $ is soooo cheap.

        • Anonymous

          Advantage is that we, in the Netherlands, don't drive cars which use 2 gallons a mile, as they do in the US!

      • S.O.B.

        You also have mass transit, something we in the US don't have outside of NY and a few other cities.

        • Jim

          mass transit is for communists, just like social security and affordable health care

  • Dave 519


    From Windsor, Ontario, 519. Nice to see that we're getting some props!

    • Jimbee

      repn' the 519

    • mitch

      haha, good ol WPD, I'd be doing the same thing im afraid!!

    • hMMMM

      Cops suck!!!!

  • Chiver69

    Coffee plus morning motivation!!!!….I'm going back to sleep.

  • Picard_

    #7 Haha Jersey Shore…Haha!

  • Catence

    #7 – haha, that is amazing!

    • ????

      just like your profile picture.

  • Interesting

    #19 No question.

    • Steven Bennett

      It would be nice if they learnt how to spell life's though..FAIL.

  • thatguy

    #14 Pedo Bear ftw

    • NOUU

      why? are you a pedophile?

    • Wavien

      You're disgusting and belong in a grave if you think pedobear is win.

      • Anonymous

        He's probably referring to the playing with words that makes pedobear awesome, not the playing with children.

        • Wavien

          Doesn't matter which it is. The playing regards molesting children and screwing up their lives. Just do a small bit of research and you will see that some people suffer greatly from being molested. Being molested as a child is even worse, and joking about that is a horrible thing to do.

          What if I joked about 9/11?

  • mr hunt

    #27 made me laugh

  • zmh

    #12 thats actually Balduccis (Old Hay Day) it was in their NYC Store.

  • Finster

    I remember when i had my first beer…#1

  • Brynley Braam

    #8 – prepare for apocalypse, humans are next 😛

    • JAB

      Good thing I've been brushing up on my Left 4 Dead

    • JAB

      Good thing I've been brushing up on Left 4 Dead

  • Motofox

    #11 parked outside Tim Horton's?

  • Nicnac

    #25 ?

    • superman

      The "ALOE" is missing an "N"

    •és-Zamora-Cruz/1238185887 Andrés Zamora Cruz

      "Forever Aloe"="Forever AloNe"; thus the "Zing!"

      • Ron

        In what kind of altered reality to you live in that those two equal each other? It's missing the "N" so no Zing.

    • ddog

      someone must of thought there was aloe said alone

  • _Moose_


  • VZLA-ftw

    I really can't relate to #18, in my country the price of gasoline is 0.98 BsF per litre, which is about $ 0.000087 per gallon…

    • Jules

      Where? …seeing as how I spend $10-$20 everyday just to go to and from work, I might consider moving to save some money.

      • aosux

        I believe VZLA is short for Venezuela, but I could be wrong. He forgot to mention the name of the cartel he is with though.

        • Anonymous

          It would help if the currency he is referring to (BsF) was at all known in the world…

        • VZLA-ftw

          Yes venezuela, i would take the cartel thing as an insult if not for the fact that 80% of the world's illegal drugs are sold and consumed in the united states. So, whatever you may say i produce, chances are you are the one paying for it 😉

    • Chris

      Its €1.50 a litre in Ireland at the mo, and I think I'm converting it right that's about $7.80 a gallon!


        umm… more like US$2.095, but you're close


      Chavez's way of saying thank you for letting him F-U-in-the-A

      • VZLA-ftw

        Nah, our gas prices have nothing to do with Chavez, we've had the cheapest gasoline in the world since the 60's, way before Chavez was even known.

  • surfer

    Give me a thumbsdown if you have to but this shit wasn't funny.

  • Wolfram

    #8 I saw the documentary on these. Unaffected ants will drag the infected one far away from the colony, where it climbs as high as it can and dies, and the fungus grows out of it's body and spreads spores.

    • Yeah.

      Not new by any stretch. 4 new STRAINS, not new fungus. This shit is as old as time.

      • Noo

        How about "previously undiscovered", is that better, does that work for ya, jack wagon.

  • davey


  • busted

    The only thing I could think of is that someone read it as "alone" instead of "aloe"..?

  • Henry Gibson

    I still think we need special "Your Argument is Invalid" and "Meanwhile…" posts for things like #6 and #11.

  • Ruby

    Can not agree more #22

  • uscbadfish

    Looks more like a sled. #6

    • Anonymous

      Clearly you've never seen Aladdin.

  • rawnoyz

    #10 WINNING!

  • Josh Gorter

    #1 I think that guy is the same guy in the daily morning awesomeness that knocks over the little kid while on a swing.

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