Star Wars Girl Revealed (23 Photos)

Today theCHIVE not only presents the opening of our emporium, theCHIVERY, but we also bring you Part III of the Star Wars Girl Trilogy (Here are Part I and Part II). About a week ago I emailed Star Wars Girl and asked her very politely to reveal her identity. She politely declined. Then I told her that I'd received over 2,000 emails from people around the world asking us to uncover her identity. So, in the interest of returning my Chive submit account back to manageable levels, she relented.

Star Wars Girl is named Nicole, a 19 year-old University student from a small city just outside Toronto (Canada, you continue to impress). Having spoken to her over the past couple weeks, I can tell you Nicole is one of the nicest girls I've met. She's a real fangirl of the highest order. She did ask me to thank the Chivers for their kind comments. The Chivers' unique ability to provide positive encouragement for women to express their sexuality has been outstanding. Well done, guys and gals.
Now enjoy Nicole as we present the third installment in the Star Wars Girl Trilogy...

There were a couple images that are just a bit too nsfw for this post. They are HERE and HERE. You’re welcome.

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  • Ass Grease

    The decayed dock looks a lot like the one in Poquoson, VA.

  • legopsychopath

    i like the hidden face its more mysterious. plus the wrong lighting can be bad for her

  • toastymoe


  • PhonebookKiller

    My jaw literally dropped at #14

  • yum

    Star Wars win! Hottest Chivette in a long time!

  • Joey

    All Canadian girls are like this. Canada is the place to be!

  • Eric

    Again, d leave my wife for her

  • Bruno

    woooow, can't believe she's so perfect!!
    she likes star wars, xbox, guns!! and besides she
    is very pretty/hot!!!
    I think i fell in love 😀
    I really need to find a girl like this one

  • Beeg Boy

    To all you losers on here that are calling Nicole a Butter-Face, you know damn well you have never jammed a girl that hot in your entire life.
    I would assume most of you have never even seen a vagina in the flesh.
    Bunch of stupid ass douchbags, lets see you post pictures of yourself and have people critique them.

    Nicole you are one hot chick, keep up the good work.

  • D-Wiz

    where are all u hot nerdy girls hiding? any residing in peg city? cause i've been looking for u my whole life =D

  • Jeb

    I am not disappointed at all! She is gorgeous.

  • Rob Stearns

    wow…….ive never seen a women like this. she is strong in the……………not as strong as me tho

  • Mr_Bojangles

    #9 wow GTA and Oblivion great games…..wait theres a girl in the picture? btw i want to transfer to your university 😛

  • theo

    she is a goddess among chivettes

  • busted

    I generally never post if there are 3+ pages of comments but I feel super obligated right now. This chick is smoking.

  • Randy


    If you want to visit Vegas and need a place to stay for free and party, just let me know.

  • Tubular Tom

    I don't like torn jeans on girls, it makes it look like another guy got to her first.


    I have this opinion:
    Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

    She could have NEVER lived up to the hype.

    Nice try.

  • AtomManhattan

    This SO tops Return of the Jedi.
    But not Empire Strikes Back on shrooms. That's kinda hard to beat.

  • Luke Girlwalker

    MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU (….any particular place you want it? )

  • N0b0dy

    How much of a dork am I that I had to zoom in on #13 to see what books she was reading. -2 to me, +2 to her for zombie manuals.

  • Tony

    I'm surprised i didn't think she was gonna be this pretty

  • GPH

    meh, she's ok

  • Slicydicy

    Interesting, I also live in a small city outside of Toronto… BRB

  • Libertariandude

    Oh Chive, you magnificent bastards. #13

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