Star Wars Girl Revealed (23 Photos)

Today theCHIVE not only presents the opening of our emporium, theCHIVERY, but we also bring you Part III of the Star Wars Girl Trilogy (Here are Part I and Part II). About a week ago I emailed Star Wars Girl and asked her very politely to reveal her identity. She politely declined. Then I told her that I'd received over 2,000 emails from people around the world asking us to uncover her identity. So, in the interest of returning my Chive submit account back to manageable levels, she relented.

Star Wars Girl is named Nicole, a 19 year-old University student from a small city just outside Toronto (Canada, you continue to impress). Having spoken to her over the past couple weeks, I can tell you Nicole is one of the nicest girls I've met. She's a real fangirl of the highest order. She did ask me to thank the Chivers for their kind comments. The Chivers' unique ability to provide positive encouragement for women to express their sexuality has been outstanding. Well done, guys and gals.
Now enjoy Nicole as we present the third installment in the Star Wars Girl Trilogy...

There were a couple images that are just a bit too nsfw for this post. They are HERE and HERE. You’re welcome.

  • SlicedBread

    We should get together for lunch. You name the place, I'll be there.

    Seriously though. This chick rocks, Chive.

  • Anonymous

    oh my wow…. #ALL OF THEM.

  • Bill1977

    Chive, you have to give this girl a job!! Or at least semi regular updates on her! I can see her reviewing games and collectibles, plus some photo shoots. Also, like the pic of her shooting a real pistol. FTW!!!!

  • riverjns1234567

    doing great 🙂 babe

    • suckit


  • dizzle

    i waited all this time for this? she not even cute

  • bhea
  • Kevin

    Why is there only one of her???

  • Skyler

    Chive. I am disappoint.

  • OhSomeEvil

    Hey my name is Luke, and id like to to full fill any of your fantasy's.

  • Plex

    id like to bulls eye her womp rat with my T16. also try and find more girls like this

  • daniel

    Star Wars girl,

    You are amazzing!!!! Please keep chivin on!



  • shane
  • Jason

    I just want to say thank you lord for #14 ! She is amazingly gorgeous, and any girl who reads the Zombie Combat Manual is freakin' awesome.

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  • cheddar

    In pic one..there is a poster loosely attached to the back of the door..Its worth about a thousand dollars 🙂 just sayin

  • mmm

    well i think i found my new wife.

  • todd marcel

    can your star girl powers light my double sized black sabre;)

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  • Dick Hertz

    sweet jumping jesus, where were you when i was 9?

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