Star Wars Girl Revealed (23 Photos)

Today theCHIVE not only presents the opening of our emporium, theCHIVERY, but we also bring you Part III of the Star Wars Girl Trilogy (Here are Part I and Part II). About a week ago I emailed Star Wars Girl and asked her very politely to reveal her identity. She politely declined. Then I told her that I'd received over 2,000 emails from people around the world asking us to uncover her identity. So, in the interest of returning my Chive submit account back to manageable levels, she relented.

Star Wars Girl is named Nicole, a 19 year-old University student from a small city just outside Toronto (Canada, you continue to impress). Having spoken to her over the past couple weeks, I can tell you Nicole is one of the nicest girls I've met. She's a real fangirl of the highest order. She did ask me to thank the Chivers for their kind comments. The Chivers' unique ability to provide positive encouragement for women to express their sexuality has been outstanding. Well done, guys and gals.
Now enjoy Nicole as we present the third installment in the Star Wars Girl Trilogy...

There were a couple images that are just a bit too nsfw for this post. They are HERE and HERE. You’re welcome.

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  • Gregory Nelson Courtney

    Best. Post. EVARRRR!

    • chivesucksnow

      You have really low standards. Ugliest Chivette to date sadly.

      • Gregory Nelson Courtney

        I'm sorry you've been jaded by airbrushed and photo shopped super models, but it is in fact, after all, a matter of opinion at stake here, not fact. Thank you for sharing though.

        • chivesucksnow

          And she is not photoshopped in her modeling pictures? Delusional much?
          Matter of taste sure, but Chive is going down hill with these chicks. Past Chivettes smoke this chick out of the water.

          • Urdad

            I agree ,wtf is wrong with the chive ? This chick looks anorexic.
            Its going downhill.

  • Da Sandman

    the star wars slut reveals herself

    • Johnny

      only if you know her personally can you make such a comment. Douche!

    • canuckforever

      da sandman can go pound sand,
      or put some in your vaseline you fat pimple faced dog bitch you are.

    • truthiness

      dude agreed. she needs to close those scrawny legs and put a bag over that mug.

      • Jak

        I expected better

      • TTJ69

        Same here.

  • aosux

    That was quite a build-up. I think she delivered

    • Lleamen

      Thus said she.

    • oh4fuckssake

      I think i just delivered in my pants.

  • elmir


  • WTFever

    The force is strong in my pants…

  • Lil Jon


  • TCUchiver

    nothing to be afraid of for this one..smokin!…..a surprise worth waiting for indeed. Thank you on behalf of all Chivers!!!

  • bobo

    #16 is stunning

    • a pissed chiver

      is photoshopped to shit!

    • darthmal

      #16 is photoshopped.

      Why the hell does Chive keep deleting comments? LAME as shit.

    • SWG (Nicole)

      Apparently a photographer changing a picture from colour to black and white and editing the exposure counts as photoshopped to shit. I'm not really sure what a picture in a magazine would qualify as by such strict standards.

      • no use babe

        Your face is photoshopped to shit. Oh and the colors were changed also.

  • Johnnyhorsecock

    If you ever need another photographer, contact me!

  • Kyle Retrato

    GEEZUSS!!!! #14

  • Jason

    This girl is an all around winner. Hope she isn't a bitch which will cancel it all out! If not. Good on ya!

    • todd marcel

      depends what kind of a bitch?

  • Anonymous

    #14 blew me away

  • Adam

    If we could get her to do a 2nd Trilogy it might just make me forget about the most recent Star Wars. MIGHT.

  • john

    whats ur gamertag lol

  • Brad

    #14 – Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio; a fellow of infinite jest. But I'd take Nicole any day.

    • sswg

      YES I am so glad someone got the Hamlet reference. One point to Brad.

  • anonymous1

    i would marry her and have 30 childs with her easily…

    • sswg

      God I hope you're a chick and you plan on being the one shooting 30 children out your vagina :S

    • oh4fuckssake

      Nothing would ruin that body faster than a couple kids…..

  • laelow

    Very nice, thank you chive. 🙂

  • Brian Walton

    Wow… a girl takes pictures in her slightly geeky boyfriends room for attention. 'Cause that hasn't been done constantly.

    • Jesus

      Agreed. Chick is okay at best and I do not buy the star wars deal. It's so fake and contrived. Chive is starting to suck some big ones for buying into this bs. Star wars nerds aren't necessarily big on chive.

      • agree also

        sing it Jesus!

      • Jessica Condrey

        I dont buy it either sir

  • MKthebear

    holy hell 😮 *_* ❤

  • clothingnotoptional

    hmm…i'm from a small city just outside Toronto….

  • Duaneo

    I'm starting to think my girl isn't geeky enough. Who knew these girls were out there?

  • Carlos Fogelquist

    I think Im in ❤

  • Finster

    #14 I want one!

  • Meee

    She knows to press the right buttons… rrr

  • Chris1986

    Is it bad that I was checking the chive every 30 min since bout six this morning just because I wanted to see what she looked like? Well I deffinitely wasn’t dissappointed!

    • Urban

      Me too. Didn't get much work done today but oh well. She is worth it.

    • scrotti

      Definitely disappointed. Worst chivette to date. 😦

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