Star Wars Girl Revealed (23 Photos)

Today theCHIVE not only presents the opening of our emporium, theCHIVERY, but we also bring you Part III of the Star Wars Girl Trilogy (Here are Part I and Part II). About a week ago I emailed Star Wars Girl and asked her very politely to reveal her identity. She politely declined. Then I told her that I'd received over 2,000 emails from people around the world asking us to uncover her identity. So, in the interest of returning my Chive submit account back to manageable levels, she relented.

Star Wars Girl is named Nicole, a 19 year-old University student from a small city just outside Toronto (Canada, you continue to impress). Having spoken to her over the past couple weeks, I can tell you Nicole is one of the nicest girls I've met. She's a real fangirl of the highest order. She did ask me to thank the Chivers for their kind comments. The Chivers' unique ability to provide positive encouragement for women to express their sexuality has been outstanding. Well done, guys and gals.
Now enjoy Nicole as we present the third installment in the Star Wars Girl Trilogy...

There were a couple images that are just a bit too nsfw for this post. They are HERE and HERE. You’re welcome.

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  • John

    Promised so much and given so little.

    • chivesucksnow

      Man I feel the same way. She's a fug. Damnit Chive.

  • Falthor

    score one for "does canada have any hot women"

  • tommyfoolery

    yeah, her face… that’s what the body part we’ve been waiting to be revealed… totally.

  • oasis

    #13 The Zombie Combat Manual…my hero!

  • Nick Ørtįž

    You are Awesome! Its been said so much here but I'll say it again every gamer's dream.

  • Jake

    can't wait for episode II:Attack of the clones!!

  • Rob Lilja

    Thanks for sharing Nichole. the only rhing i have left to say is Damn Crop tool. #15

    • oh4fuckssake


  • Nicholas Novak

    um. butterface.

    • Alvaro Salkel

      So lame that the chive staff and this chick thumb everyone down who doesn't like her. She's so meh its sad.

      • Somebody

        Yes, it's the Chive staff thumbing people down. Whatever you need to tell yourself.

  • 'berto

    Absolutely beautiful, as well as a Star Wars fan? If she’s got anything approaching a decent personality, she’s perfect. Damn…

    • standards

      I guess you dig her bf because we've got a fraud here.

  • jack

    Very pretty but she looks older than 19, imho.

    It's okay, she's still hot 🙂

  • David Milinovic


  • Taylor Chalupiak

    Canada > *


  • jack

    #18 #19 and nsfw ones = MOAR

  • Nazz1962

    Well worth the wait, Nicole … ! Thank you for being a Chivette!

  • TieCieMatic

    #14 OMG is that a map of liberty city ?

  • Marino

    Awesome!!!! Hermosa!

  • llama beans

    Like Ann Coulter's hotter younger sister

  • simonsays

    Seriously Chive? Shay, Lauren…and then this chick? You couldn't get Shay or Lauren to do another post? This chick is too skinny, wears over-sized pushups, looks meh even with makeup, I just don't see it. Sure she likes Star Wars but who gives a damn? I really can't believe the hype for this girl. Looks better without her face in this pics. All i gotta say is BUTTERFACE big time.

    • Johnny

      Simon Says act like a douche.

  • wztarheel

    #18 Very Nice. Thanks Nicole.

  • THAT Guy

    #11 I'm in love. Thanks for submitting these pics!

  • Deacon

    May the force be with you….always!

  • Doug Zimmerman

    Hot and awesome AND from the true north strong and free? I can tell I'm gonna be a fan of yours….

  • jason

    #14 Well worth the wait.

  • GreatScotty


    • not worth it

      Meh seriously. You really let me down chive.

    • blackbetty


  • PAUL

    Face is alright…killer body though

    • littleboyblue

      agree. but even her body needs some work/food intake.

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