Street art -not to be confused with graffiti (25 photos)

  • Pete Ribaudo

    You gotta love art for the sake of art….not $$$ and fame

    • Nazz1962

      As long as that art isn't vandalizing someone else's wall. Cardinal rule here: Get permission before you paint. That is all.

      • Wavien

        Why? I'd rather have my walls overpainted with such things as the above pictures than just being boring white..

      • pete ribaudo

        Id b honored if he vandalized a wall of property i own.long as it isnt my car

        • Nazz1962

          Excellent! Then you and Wavien would be among those who embrace this form of artistic expression and would give permission! That's great, and we're thankful because if it weren't for people like you, all urban artwork would be forced to be considered unlawful and vandalism. At that point we would all lose out on beautiful and differing forms of art.
          But there are those who do not want any artwork painted on their property. We should be respectful of their ideas and points-of-view equally.

  • Jak

    Slug would be proud.

  • Obvious

    #24 is dmn good

  • Urban

    Umm. Good Stuff. Now on to Star Wars girl.

  • TheFlintSkinny

    Love this piece by Banksy, but kind of bullshit to paint over Robbo's work that had been there for decades. #12 #11

  • joann


  • TheFlintSkinny

    Good call; I hadn't seen the latest shot of it pre-Banksy. Unfortunately Robbo didn't take it as a compliment and spent a lot of time writing over Banksy's future work. Nature of the beast I suppose.

    • lonin

      It wasn't Robbo that defaced Bansky's work. If it was Robbo he'd do it with class and a bit of originality. The people that defaced #14 were untalented hacks that didn't deserve to spray his name.

      • Miliano2.0

        I remember reading Banksy's reaction to this in an interview and he made a great point. How can graffiti artist get upset about someone writing over their stuff when they themselves go out of their way to right on a building owned by someone else. Also I have also read interviews with Robbo and it seems as though Banksy pulled him out of retirement after that. Albeit just to tag over Banksy's art.

  • wren

    Nailed It! #25

  • Poppin Fresh

    that says "Team Robbo". did that happen before or after #12?

    • Meca

      Happened after 12. Banksy defaced one of the last original Robo pieces. Robo was a graf legend from way back and that piece had been there untouched out of respect for him. Robo heard about Banksy defacing it and all of a sudden his minions went to work on a few Banksy pieces.

      • ostrichman1985

        I like both of those pieces better after the "defacing". They both meld old and new styles. You can see the changing of the guard. Also who doesnt like a battle between 2 fantastic artists?

  • Nazz1962

    #14 Disrespectful and NOT awesome!

    • meca

      get the whole story first please.

      • Nazz1962

        Do YOU have the whole story?

        • dentonbeard

          The whole story (or somewhat of the the whole story) is a few comments that away /

  • THAT Guy

    Is it your wall you're painting on? NO? THEN IT'S FUCKING GRAFFITI. CUT THAT SHIT OUT.

  • ProvenZer0

    #22 is awesome.

    • Ripley

      Agreed! Anyone know the artist?

  • doublemeat

    I wish I could come up with some of that stuff…and have the time to execute it. 😦

    • the law

      you want to be a criminal?

  • Gabe
    What's with the weird creases (like paper) in #15?

    • marsspider

      Those are called cinderblocks.

  • Ryan

    Why is the Chive selling Banksy tees? I'm sure he isn't getting any royalties or what-have-you from The Chive selling his images. What percent is actually being donated to the art fund from those shirts? Seems to me like the Chive is ripping him off.

    • BloodScrubber

      Maybe Bansky is………..Leo? You did see him with the paint brushes on the webcam didnt you?

  • GoForth


    Joe Strummer!

  • davey

    comical genius

  • Pete Ribaudo

    go away

    • Nazz1962

      No sir, YOU go away …

      • Senor Rock

        This is what Banksy painted over. It was already vandalized.

        • YeWhoShallNotBeNamed

          oh in that case it's ok to just vandalize it anyways. FUCK YOU DUMBASS! Are you too fucking retarded to realize that it's extremely disrespectful to destroy other ppl's property without even asking?

          • Eric

            Now I get why your name is "THAT Guy." You're "that guy" who doesn't understand street art. Sure you could do it in a studio, or on your own wall, but it just being in a public place is what makes it so much better. If you look at big names like banksy the whole point of its publicity is often to send a message, or spread an idea. But even for the artists who aren't trying to send a message, whats so wrong about creating an amazing piece of art on a scummy wall under a bridge or a brick wall in a back alley. From a legal aspect maybe you're right, but fuck legality when it looks so good. Suck a dick to anyone who thinks GOOD quality graffiti should only be kept to art shows and the artists who create it. Be happy with the free art you're given….otherwise move to Russia or North Korea.

          • Pete

            I reckon it depends what it is, and where it is. Somebody once tagged a wall on our house (long before we bought it). It was an ugly tag on plain brick so it can't be painted over without painting the whole side of the house (and its a terraced house, so the house next door too). Despite someone spending a long time trying to remove it, you can still see it if you know where to look. That's vandalism.

            In contrast, something painted with due care in a location where many people are likely to look but is rarely maintained – under a bridge, an alleyway wall etc. – which will give people something to think about rather than just marking territory could be considered artful.

            I don't think that Robbo's piece was particularly nice in the first place. Banksy was a bit of a douche for painting over it the way he did – if he wanted to respect it, he could have restored it to its former "glory" – but frankly if the original was on my wall I'd have painted over it years ago. I'm no Banksy apologist, mind you – some of his are just as ugly. For me, its all about the "what" and "where"

  • pikachu

    i guess that u stupid ( at the most) americans dont understand those wall art.. or at least cant give them the proper credits….



    • anon

      go to hell

      • ted stevens

        What Banksy fans actually believe, everyone should think twice before cheer leading his bitch ass.

    • ntuttle42

      That's a really rude assumption to make about Americans.
      A lot of us are very aware of what's happening in Gaza; the population is pretty divided on the subject. Don't confuse that with indifference or ignorance.

  • Louise Ciccone

    Meh. I prefer Mr Brainwash's art.

    • Morgan Freeman

      you know there are other artists other then the ones you see on Exit Through the Gift Shop. i dont think you understood what brainwash was doing.

      • Alec_Is_Epic

        I'm pretty sure he's just trolling.

    • slut_lust

      Isn't he a fictional character in a documentary?

  • clumsy

    does anyone know where i can get an HD version #24 pic??

  • P90

    Street art, when it's just for the sake of art is great, street art to make a douchey political statement is really annoying and pathetic.

    • skilllld

      street art thats making a political statment is the only kind that should be allowed. get the fucking message across to all the idiots who cant take a second and realise the talent.

  • DerkaDo

    This was a good post…simple but good

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #5 is impressive and huge!

  • buuillis

    #14 amateurs

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