Street art -not to be confused with graffiti (25 photos)

  • udamandan

    Isn't #5 by BLU?

    • mightyawesome

      os gemeos

  • Rita

    #7 looks like the freemasons "president" or whatever his title is

  • ntuttle42

    #20 is def my fave.



  • Louie

    Graffiti is street art though…

  • bless1

    #22-good stuff

  • justsaying

    Street art is about can be about challenging the definition of defacing and vandalism.
    I once painted the side of a building a darker shade of grey than the light grey that was there. It is still there years later. Seems some vandalism is condoned and doesn’t fit into your dogma.

    • Nazz1962

      So you painted the side of a building a darker shade of gray than what was already there? I don't understand why you would do that, but I certainly wouldn't refer to your actions as having been 'condoned', because no one said or did anything about it, but more that your work simply went unnoticed.
      The point is, would you like me to go and paint the side of YOUR house with my wild colors and awful artistic ability? How about if you owned a beautiful piece of property that had a brick wall along one side, and I went and spray painted what I considered art, but to you it was a hideous mix of greens and yellows? Do you realize what it would cost to have that defecation removed from brick?
      Try it on your own property and you'll have a different point-of-view. My bet is a majority of these taggers and vandal artists are NOT homeowners, because if they were, they would have some respect for another person's property.

      • ohwell

        If is unnoticed then how can it be vandalism?

    • Pete

      I don't think that's either vandalism or art. You just painted a wall.

  • mightyawesome

    #5 os gemeos from sao paulo

  • tim

    Looks like Truman in his Masonic regalia

  • Antwuan

    i see #21 on my way to work everyday and i never forget to turn and look at it as i pass.

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