theCHIVERY: Open for Awesomeness

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chivery awesome theCHIVERY: Open for Awesomeness

Chivers, welcome to theCHIVERY emporium of delights. What you will see when you enter are custom shirt and shoe designs available nowhere else. We’ve worked hard on this lil’ guy and we very much hope you like it. As you know, we’re not running some huge warehouse over here so many of these original designs will only be available for a very limited-time. As we do on theCHIVE, we welcome your input to help theCHIVERY grow.

Also, we’re finally offering CHIVE gear for the first time ever… which is awesome. So without further adieu, we present theCHIVERY.

UPDATE: After only an hour, the Chivers are blowing the doors off theCHIVERY. Hundreds of theChive Logo Tees are nearly gone and Banksy is getting there. Also, we’re taking in your (amazing) suggestions and moving on them right now. theCHIVE and theCHIVERY are only successful because of you guys. Your voices are always heard here.


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