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chivery awesome theCHIVERY: Open for Awesomeness

Chivers, welcome to theCHIVERY emporium of delights. What you will see when you enter are custom shirt and shoe designs available nowhere else. We’ve worked hard on this lil’ guy and we very much hope you like it. As you know, we’re not running some huge warehouse over here so many of these original designs will only be available for a very limited-time. As we do on theCHIVE, we welcome your input to help theCHIVERY grow.

Also, we’re finally offering CHIVE gear for the first time ever… which is awesome. So without further adieu, we present theCHIVERY.

UPDATE: After only an hour, the Chivers are blowing the doors off theCHIVERY. Hundreds of theChive Logo Tees are nearly gone and Banksy is getting there. Also, we’re taking in your (amazing) suggestions and moving on them right now. theCHIVE and theCHIVERY are only successful because of you guys. Your voices are always heard here.


  • parker

    they have a pedo bear shoe. fucking hilarious. well done

    • Anon

      And yet still they have a fucking useless iPhone – defies fucking belief.

      • Leo

        Agreed. Long story short, our original iPhone app was built by a Romanian company that ended up pretty much hijacking the app and we do not have control or access to it. We have rebuilt theCHIVE app and it's new, improved and will get you wet. We are submitting the app under our own developer account this time around and Apple is taking their sweet time approving our account. We hope this will be ready in 1-3 weeks. Ipad app is ready to rock as well. Thanks for your patience.

        • Gypsy

          Never trust Romanians!

    • Jason Ciotti

      I do need new shoes.

    • BeccaB86

      I can get a pair of Chuck Taylors with pedo bear on them for $99 but not a t-shirt? What gives?

  • ern23

    Where's my Visa!

    The wife is not going to like this bill!

  • Urban

    Awesome! BUT, all I can think of at the moment is Star Wars girl!

  • dustin b

    i have to admit, very cool smoking room feel. it's well quite well done.

  • Brofessor X

    Bitches love The Chivery

  • jamison

    rflmao at the footer. hint: roll over the picture frame

  • susan

    i have chivette pants…. awesome.

  • Lauren Gentile

    REALLY nicely done Chive!
    Love the site, the design, and of course… the pedo bear shoes.
    And the Napoleon on a bike shirt is quite epic. 🙂

    • Wolfram

      *scrolling through comments*
      *sees your picture*
      Really nice haha.

  • ChiverX

    I hate to bring this wrath upon myself, but not at all impressed. After building up the anticipation for weeks, just a few tshirts, shoes, and a couple of knick-knacks. I expected more and better.

    • damon

      have you been to busted or snorg? crappy tourist t-shirts for the college masses. I'm a fan of t-shirts and these designs are crisp. im sure the chivery will grow but they led out with something solid imho… and it's a smoking room

      • tha drizzle

        yeah, cause they dont have a link to one of those crappy tshirt sites or anything like that.

    • frankly

      i was skeptical. generally when a store like this opens, it starts small, which is good. but these designs are good, very good in fact, one thing i noticed is they print on Anvil – those are very good, soft t-shirts. these guys were concerned with quality, not quantity.

      • True

        Anvil shirts are the best!

    • Urban

      Chive. Y U NO Have more shirts.

  • mister parker

    shay maria is the new Chive Tee girl – watch out Snorg

  • Apollos

    Shay…sooooo hot.

  • giraffe66

    how do you guys get around shilling banksy's art for profit… kinda defeats the purpose of his work, innit?

    • marcus

      a lot of people want banksy shirts and banksy has publicly told people he doesn't mind when people take his designs for just this reason. – it spreads the good word on his art, plus they are donating some of the profits to a public art preservation society.

      • giraffe66

        well color me surprised… still feels… …cheap though. i know he doesn't mind people selling his work in its original physical format, after all, he put it there illegally and he never owned the medium to begin with… but on a tshirt? just seems like the next che image for me… just another thing for dipshits and pretentious twats to glom onto to show how cool they are…

        • innuit

          im a fan of banksy. and i want to rep his art. what better way to do it than on a shirt? banksy isn't Che.

      • dean

        it doesn't matter that he said he's cool with it, it should still never be on a shirt, nor should a profit be made on stuff that you didn't create.
        kind of cheapens the chive a little bit, but i guess i shouldn't be surprised, not like anything original is created here, it's usually taken from reddit, 4chan, etc. anyway.
        but banksy shirts and pedo bear shoes? really? how many other meme's you guys going to rip off?
        not trying to be negative, but how can someone buy a banksy shirt and think it's a good idea? especially when it's not even being sold by banksy?
        i agree with giraffe, feels wrong.

    • Jon

      whats he gonna do… take em to court… he will go to jail for vandalism. hah owned

    • mary

      banksy doesn't give a shit. he's said it many times

    • forlay

      banksy makes plenty of money people. i love that people think banksy is some rogue art robin hood. he uses his art to, for example, raise awareness for his documentary, 'exit thru the giftshop window' – which he has made millions on. he also auctions off his work

      • o00o

        I love that people think Banksy is one person.

        • Pete Ribaudo

          agreed ^ its impossible to think his works dont require more than 1 person. probably started out that way. I also like to think hes shown his face.would make it even cooler if he was the guy who did that documentary.despite that guys dorky appearance lol

          • Persico

            Lol, all the americans talking about Banksy since he turned up in L.A. now they're the authority. He started in the UK, is British and is one man who was putting his art out in the UK years before he set foot in America.

    • Doc

      Agreed. Feels cheap and completely defeats the purpose of his work.

      The fact that other people can profit from their work is just sad, even if they said they didn't give a shit about people doing that.

  • tha drizzle

    Iam with ChiverX, meh.

  • Jon

    why are the chivette cloths sold in large?

    • Stigma222

      Yeah WTF Chive NO FAT CHICKS

  • Tee6

    It won't work for me 😦 I can't see anything

  • Basement Cat

    Minor suggestion: Add some more views of the kicks. All you guys have now are two side views, can we get a front/top? 🙂

  • greenerblues

    "We got yo' t shirt!"

  • ladel

    the text is really funny. very chivish. really enjoy the store. it really makes busted and snorg look like shit. it's classy

  • Anjin-San

    I Shay Maria on sale too?

  • marcus

    you know what i don't see? – a bunch of fratty bullshit t-shirts. the chive thought these designs out. nicely done

  • WTFever

    There should be a direct correlation between the release of these shirts and births in 9 months…

  • pjsupremex

    damn everyone is buying already, site keeps poopin out on me

    • Beldar

      I can't get the site to cooperate with me either.

  • Geoff Heimer

    We need a DAR shirt !

  • wyatt

    damn i missed the discount code… silly me:(

  • Russ

    No shirt that says 'The Chive- my app sucks'? Curious.

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