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chivery awesome theCHIVERY: Open for Awesomeness

Chivers, welcome to theCHIVERY emporium of delights. What you will see when you enter are custom shirt and shoe designs available nowhere else. We’ve worked hard on this lil’ guy and we very much hope you like it. As you know, we’re not running some huge warehouse over here so many of these original designs will only be available for a very limited-time. As we do on theCHIVE, we welcome your input to help theCHIVERY grow.

Also, we’re finally offering CHIVE gear for the first time ever… which is awesome. So without further adieu, we present theCHIVERY.

UPDATE: After only an hour, the Chivers are blowing the doors off theCHIVERY. Hundreds of theChive Logo Tees are nearly gone and Banksy is getting there. Also, we’re taking in your (amazing) suggestions and moving on them right now. theCHIVE and theCHIVERY are only successful because of you guys. Your voices are always heard here.


  • ashleyging

    night owl or bansky flower throwing shirt… that is the question

  • tag

    Really? Sold out of theChive tshirts already!?! Give me a f_ing break!

  • Wolfram

    I'm getting 406 errors

  • napamamascribe

    John, you are officially my hero! Thank you thank you!

  • Billy

    WTF How can you be sold out already?

  • David Milinovic

    Shay hotness….

    I hope to see some mens V-neck t-shirts in the near future as well, since I personally have a preference for them!

    Anyways, some great stuff in the shop though!

    • Joshua D. Loomis

      I generally don't judge people and how they choose to dress, but actually, please don't sell v-necks. They started alongside the Ed Hardy culture I assume (and hope) most people despise.

      • David Milinovic

        You're confusing normal sized V-necks to those deep ones that Ed Hardy have. They've been around way before I ever knew what Ed Hardy was.

        That being said – I hope the Ed Hardy trend burns to the ground.

  • gofast480

    No 2 XL………..Non Winning

  • wren

    crazy all gone! have to wait for the next one.


    CHIVE please get bigger shirts 3x sorry im fat

  • Darrell Gabonia

    My head just exploded.

  • daboyzz


  • theatreides

    Just got my DaVinci T-shirt, I'll be rocking out shortly! Kinda looking forward to some more designs though……..Where's scumbag steve or " Chive why you no have more stuff" guy.

  • TylerV


  • Andres

    Got my banski shirt ordered 🙂

  • Theresa

    Chive, hurry up and print more of those Chivette camis please!

  • Ulisses

    Enter Paula as a code and your price will multiply by 10. 😛

  • who

    tried to click on something sent me to death page wtf

  • Josh Gorter

    Thought of a good way to get more chivettes for fridays. Either have people vote on the best 3 chivettes or just pick a few at random and send them a free t-shirt.

  • heeeeeybuddy

    I'll be sitting by the mail box singing camp fire songs until my shit gets here.

  • Joshua D. Loomis

    I'm sure I'll get thumbed to hell, but I was a little disappointed with the merchandise. The wrong state names shirt were undeniably funny and are a great stab at a tired screenprint, but I expected A LOT more "Chive-related" things. On the flip-side, I suspect the site will develop well over time.

    • Connor

      I'm with you. The bigger problem with the wrong state name shirts is that other sites were selling them years ago. I expected more original designs rather than ideas stolen from other pages.

  • Big Rubber D

    Well… I cant order a damn Thechive shirt… Y YOU NO WORK!!!

  • brad

    "So without further adieu" … really, Chive?

  • Anti

    More Chivette tanks! OH and get some V-necks for the ladies 🙂

  • Nick

    I'm a body builder and I really need an XXL or even better yet athletic cut t-shirts. I really like the t-shirt that says "theChive Probably the best site in the world." and would really like to buy one.

  • wren


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