Cars that I wish I could drive once (20 photos)

  • Eddie

    #16 is the autonomobile so you couldn't drive it 😛

  • jesserdbrownsfield


  • tugbote

    WTF is #13 ?

    Have to admit, I've never seen/heard of it, but would love to drive it. ONCE.

    Rare center-drive seating position always attractive too.

    • tugbote


      Headlights look similar to Buick stylings, but can't see the manufacturer badge well enough to tell for certain…

      • joest

        It's a Citroën Karin. This concept-car was built in 1980 by Giugiaro.

        You can't drive it either: it has no engine.

      • dhunt

        Reminds me of a gen 2 Integra.

  • Buzzin-Cuzzin

    Well, #1 and #11 are the same car. The 1958/59 GM Firebird III.

  • Dylan

    #20 the riding lawnmower of my dreams =)

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