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Gadget Girl: BACtrack B70 Breathalyzer


The BACtrack B70 Breathalyzer is a pocket blood alcohol content measuring device that fits in your pocket and can travel with you wherever you happen to be enjoying your favorite beverages. You can use it to see who can really hold their liquor at the party, and then to talk your buddy out of driving after. Unlike other breathalyzers, the BACtrack B70 doesn’t require you to place your mouth on any mouthpiece, so there are no replaced parts and you never have to share saliva by using it… Unless she’s hot and you want to share that is.

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  • Catch

    these things lead to heavy drinking and good times.

  • JMF

    Does it automatically call an ambulance if you register a .4?

    • Chris Carrell

      I wanna see someone still consious to blow a .4

      • Below a 4.0

        I can do that for you!! Ill be at the point on Friday after work, all you can drink from 7-10 for $15

      • 8888

        You're kidding right? .4 is nothing. Lithuania, a truck driver – 7.72; tracktor driver – 6.66; Bulgaria, 67 old man – 9.14; Poland – 12.3

        • miles

          wanna take a step back and look at the math on that one?

    • Betti

      Gee wlikilers, that’s such a great post!

  • Fallout86

    Who is she?? I vote she gets her own post, pls pls pls 😀

  • Glenn

    I lost it and when she put here lips to it and blew.

  • jeffrey dahmer


  • PappaDukes

    Oh you pass alright. You pass with flying colors girl.

  • aosux

    She blows after 1 shot…can I buy her?

  • teximport

    Oh my, yes you do. Final test, come here and blow on this…

  • Brandon

    nom nom nom on the girl.

    But seriously Chive, why are you posting stuff to buy? errrr?

    Either way, those “breathalyzers” are not accurate at all. All they are good for is telling you IF you have alcohol on your breath. Do not waste your money.

    • JCD

      Agreed. I have one of these and it's a piece of shit. It never registers 0. I've gotten a .01, even after not drinking for days. Waste of money.

  • Cam

    I had a breathalyzer at my house in university. It just turned into a dangerous contest to see who could get the highest number.

  • THAT Guy


  • clothingnotoptional

    "Unlike other breathalyzers, the BACtrack B70 doesn’t require you to place your mouth on any mouthpiece, so there are no replaced parts and you never have to share saliva by using it"

    yet in the video she blows into the end…

  • Geshko

    Hot, but trying too hard to be sexy.
    Just be yourself girl, let your natural sexiness exude from your beautiful freckled skin!!!

  • V4vendetta14

    Good portable breathalyzers have a replaceable pre-calibrated sensor. It is a little microchip looking thing that needs to get tossed after 200 uses.

  • Someguy

    She’s doing it wrong 😛 .. read the directions next time 🙂

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    way better than the old gadget girl.

  • alister

    i highly recommend a gallery of the gadget girl.

    BTW, what was she advertising? i couldn't see anything

  • weaponex

    FIND HER… need moar with less clothing!

  • moeshere Foxdale

    very nice….EXPLAINING hehe…

  • Morten Wollsen

    This is bullshit.. Either you drive or you drink, not both and not any of this "well 1 beer is ok.."

    • MadTalon

      I agree, I don't see how you can plan to go out and drink but not plan a ride.

  • 8888

    Oh, sorry, I was talking promiles which is one decimal place to the left. As for the Polands records:,91150,91150,91150

    It says the record there is 1.23 in every one of these.

  • Nicole

    Hey i went to high school with this girl! i love that shes finally on the chive! wooo hoo heidi!

  • Jason

    How about put a fucking volume control on your video?

  • Samantha

    Wow, I went to High School with this girl. Glad to see Heidi succeeding. Then again, our HS had a ridiculously high proportion of hot chicks.

  • Wiara

    Silence of the Hams is actually aldeary a movie. It stars Billy Zane as Joe Dee Foster and Dom Delouise as Dr. Hannibal Cannibal Pizza. Strange, funny movie.

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