Some girls call them ‘sit ups’, others call it ‘winning time’ (26 Photos)

  • gerhardvdenbruucker

    #4 find her please!! Anybody have a name? (except for "Cameron Diaz on steroids)

  • willkm75

    #2 #4 #8 #20 #25 all i can say is WOW!! just WOW!! I'm sitting hear at work just shaking my head and thinking " man y do I torture myself?, just go home and bang the old lady with the wonderful images in my head" lol!!!! Don't Hate U all do the same shit, "sinners" – Tommy Boy

  • willkm75

    I am totaly in love with #8 I think it's the pigtails…No its the under boobs!!!

  • whiplash

    #19 – a little too lean

  • soda pop

    #14….I love you.

  • Anonymous

    #14 I’m in love

  • j stein

    the winner is #17 perfect abs perfect smile

  • Fhshshaj

    #19 and #25 are all perfect for me

    • Fhshshaj

      Scratch that, all but 26. To manly

  • Dreamer

    Give me more of #4 #6 #7 and #18

  • the wizard
  • Rick

    Anyone else think that it looks like shes got a nut sagging out of her shorts!?

  • thatguy

    #2 and #22 are the same girl, and for the love of god somebody please tell me who she is!!

  • okie

    The girls in #19 are Oklahoma State competition Cheerleaders. They've won several national championships over the years, so lets just say they get intense.

  • spanky

    #25 I must have masturbated hundreds of times to that picture.

  • pinkey

    They are all beautiful with a lot of determination

  • Hot Abs

    #25 wow

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