Chivers, bring the ‘Your Highness’ premiere to your college (video)

Click HERE to find out how your school can win.

This whole thing started last Monday when some wuss from Florida State emailed me begging to help him bring the premiere of ‘Your Highness’ to his college. I actually wrote the guy back that if he put together 10 creative photos of the undergrads at his college persuading the cast of ‘Your Highness’ I’d gladly create a campaign to help propel them past Rutgers, the current front-runner for the gig. Rutgers? Anyway, FSU guy bitched out when saddled with any responsibility. Which college out there has the initiative to win theCHIVE vote?

Click HERE to vote for your school!

Now I can’t tell you to write ‘Portman’ all over your passed out friend, but I can say that group photo in front of your fraternity house with a creative sign will help; and that hot chicks with signs ALWAYS works. Just submit your photos to me and I’ll post them over the next week with a link to the ‘Your Highness’ voting page. Have fun and enjoy the quest.

  • nywolf

    Do universities outside of the US have a chance?

    • equalizermax


  • Boooger

    I'm a proud Chiver, but I'm 40 years old, cant we just bring it to a theater in my city.

    • equalizermax

      It's a lame movie anyway…

  • QuantuM

    SDSU all the way!!!!!

    • Phil

      glad to see another chiver from SDSU

  • Crash and The Boys

    Why the Rutgers hate?

  • Gaucho

    It definitely deserves to go to UCSB. We'd have the absolute sickest after-parties all throughout Isla Vista.

    • Gaucho #2


  • sb4win

    hey guys, UC Santa Barbara needs YOUR help!
    please help us win a world-premiere of "Your Highness" by voting at the following link below:

    Rutgers is currently ahead of us and we must beat them!
    We will love you all forever if you vote. You may now resume to your daily life.

    • Mac

      As an alumni of UCSB, I strongly agree. Isla Vista would be the absolute best place for the premiere. Plus James Franco would fit right in.

  • Ulisses

    Your mom will hate this movie…… kinda miss those ads…..


    PENN STATE!!!!!!!!

  • gig em


  • ryan

    Do me a favor and don't bring it to UCLA

  • Anonymous

    حمید شاه

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