Photo realism that only a feminist could love* (19 photos)

*sarcasm for all you Aussies out there

The artists name is Ana Teresa Fernandez -check out more of her work and continue your confusion at her website HERE

  • THAT Guy

    FIRST! I WANNA MAKE FUCK TO #4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Stevo

      Your an idiot.

      • THAT Guy


      • newscot


        • NotATroll

          y u no correct type things?

    • Kyle

      I suppose you are the new flavor of the month troll…

      Well, welcome aboard, it seemed we were falling short of unoriginal minds around here, so glad to have you.

  • tazz

    that was a waste of 2 minutes of my life

  • amanda

    Do Australians not understand sarcasm?

  • shouldbeworking

    meh. let's just do hump day again

    • MikeofLA

      Hear Hear!

      I would like to bring the case of "2 Hump Days per Week" to the Chiver Committee

      All in Favor say "Aye"

      All opposed GTFO!

  • Mmhmm

    Something undeniably sexy about #10, not even sure why.

    • AdamBaldick

      Love it when ladies clean.

  • WTFever

    All these are obviously abstract…

  • Joeyk

    Ive never been good at interpreting art, maybe you can help me does doing any of this make me a sandwich?

    • OwnerOfYou

      Well that's just the point. Ana forgot to paint one of the lady making a sandwich.. or handing some dude a beer while he watches the… what do Aussies watch? Rug-by? Yeah, Rugby game.

  • mick

    Dear Chive,


    Sincerely, a confused Chiver.

  • figurefour

    #5 is strangely erotic.

    • oh4fuckssake


  • uberbrie

    These were awesome, big fan of #11

  • Dude

    I kind of liked The Chive more when there weren't a bunch of douchebags who just wanted to see ass and titties 24/7. Not interested in anything else? Got to a porn site. I happen to enjoy looking at other interesting things, too. Expand your fucking horizons.

    • Shut up

      Tits or GTFO

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      there is far to much broham in the chive's eggs these days.

    • tazz

      "GO" to a porn site. Expand your own horizons and take a typing class.

      • fsdc

        "GO" fuck yourself

    • aosux

      You are obviously NOT a dude.

    • OwnerOfYou

      Dude, I'll join you it what seems to be the minority. If these losers are arguing against you, it seems like they're arguing against The Chive itself…

      • ThankYouDude

        THANK YOU!!!! I agree with you 100% I only stick around for the hilarious pictures on this site, the shallow assholes that love this site and the degrading of women however make me regret it.

      • sceneitb4

        Those same douchebags have had all their free porn blocked at work so they try to circumvent the system by coming here and begging the Chivettes to show more skin. I like the women on here too but I love the strange and cool collections of other stuff more. It keeps me coming back.
        So many Scumbag Steve's, so little internet to annoy…

        • Skye

          Maybe you should do your job like your supposed to. There's a reason why it's blocked where you work dumbass.

    • Joshua D. Loomis

      I agree with you. I know some of the old faithfuls from the Chive "back in the day" visit less and don't comment anymore because most of it has turned into "Lol, bewbs."

      • jeff in Australia

        Yep, you got it right. The Chive comments lately, seem to come from the worst bar in the low side of town, drunken yobs making fools of themselves thinking it will impress all the other fools. "If you don't agree with me you are wrong..!" Sad really. Used to be entertaining… And that bloody pedo bear, raising a pedophile to a cult status. Way too much of it. Unless there is something we do not know, John, Leo…?

        • Pogo

          i'm glad to see some others on here who see the same thing going on…

  • Wolfram

    Epic housewife!!

    #2… what is she doing under there??

    • Marionpowder

      Straightening her hair.

  • Dan

    It's obviously sarcasm, Chive. No need to point it out. I mean, really. No where in any of those pictures are those women making me a sandwich. Duh. Winning.

  • chaos

    Bitch go the kitchen and make me some pie

  • Jak

    My wife does half this shit in our house. Call me crazy but it's just normal.

  • That guy

    Agreed, tits or GTFO.

  • EJK

    Uh.. why are they ironing their heads?

  • bless1

    #11- pretty cool. A real life photo shoot of these scenes would be better. Propz to the artist.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    The artist looks to be a big fan of the FDAU trend. These paintings are pretty awesome though.

  • denzino

    #11 is pretty awesome
    #15 #17

  • GiGi

    these pictures are amazing. i never leave comment and i check tha chive everyday.. i had to say good damm work girl!

  • sceneitb4

    I always imagined this was what Robert Palmer's life was like.

  • Mook

    Waaah I have to do things all humans have to do in their homes… STOP OPPRESSING ME!

  • Anonymous

    Why is she out of the kitchen?

  • Ms. Magnolia

    I hate the shoes.

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