• Guest

    Please, Chive, WTF was that all about?

    Any idea?????

  • R.C.

    Unfortunately the Chive is going to be overtaken by these idiots and eventually there will be nasty comments about the sweet Chivettes and they will stop sending pics..

    The Chive will become another "was a star once"..

    Too bad..This has been one of the very best guy and gal sites offered on the internet..

  • Kimi D

    She's ironing her hair…of course.

  • Botherington-Smythe

    Well played sir.

  • truthvirus

    I'd be impressed if the artist could paint faces.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    LOL…to funny nice art

  • Anonymous

    From Australia and I understand sarcasm. Other than that, ummm… insult [?] lovin’ the chive.

  • Israeli_Rob

    #5 #10
    personal fav's

  • F-oo

    Y'all forget they never shave their legs… But instead wear tights or "pantyhose"

  • MrCjv

    Ok i'm a pig. The ones with the ironing board were damn erotic. Win.

  • aefae

    attention whore uses cry for attention!
    it's not very effective…

  • Ya mum

    How's about FUCK you chive us Aussies are kings of sarcasm.. Good pics by the way

  • Lang

    I don't get it lol

  • Wheels

    Photos that only a fleminicyst could love? They are the sleazebags who should have all been arrested for lying to the government and conning them into passing that ludicrous law making it some kind of so-called crime to compliment a lady's breasts and ass and clothes which should have never gotten passed. How could they love this, when they have deceived millions of women by lying to them about motherhood and family, by telling them it's slavery when its not. They shouldn't be so irreverent towards us by publishing their hurtful lies on the computer called Google internet, especially insinuating that men should be killed is the ultimate disrespect to any man. Valerie Solinas should have been shot and killed in prison for all the awful inexcusable things she said in that disgusting book of hers which should not have been published and sold to the general public. They should have had a book called Society for Cutting Up Women, they should have cut up her and the fleminicysts. They should have exterminated the feminists.

  • Wheels

    Is anyone else sorry those satanic, diabolical laws were passed such as having drugs, and compliments badly mistaken for harassment supposedly sexually, and needlessly making slaying innocent unnamed children O.K.? And they really didnt address the issue of environmental pollution, if they did it should not have gotten so bad that they have to have recycling and biodegradable materials, which nobody realizes was supposed to be recycled which its not because we have millions of uneducated dumbbells who dont know what a garbage can looks like, that where garbage belongs peasants, the earth is not your garbage can, it shouldn't be treated with such disdain.

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