These dames are sexy as hell (25 photos)

  • jabroni

    Just stopped by to say hi. I'll be at #19 if anyone needs me.

    • DNA

      She is so damn Crazy Beautiful

    • neefgeefd

      just don't look at her messed up thumbs

    • its_forge

      I think she's a lifeless fleshopoid completely devoid of any humanity or personality. But I still wanna bang her crosseyed.

    • trey-doggz

      i would like to see the rest of that tattoo

  • lolcat

    #10 more like DAMN!

  • THAT Guy

    SECOND! I WANNA MAKE FUCK TO #1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Livinthedreamm

    #2….There is 1, 2 of them. I like to count them

    • Gene

      I count 4!!

    • zzzz

      …i count 4 of them… GOOD GAAAWWD!!!

    • AdamBaldick

      This is what this friday's chivettes needs to look like. I feel like I deserve an extra special one because last week was absent

  • Timmynumbers

    #23 M-O-U-S-E……

    • DKar

      Yes – 1000x yes. The one in the front is wearing a Municipal Waste shirt, so that'd stay on.

    • leadbelly

      Shame about the twattoos.

  • T.T. Tiger

    #2 #15 #19 ….Win

    • COCO

      Maybe, the boobs look fake and unnatural.

  • V.A.

    #8, #15, #18.
    Hells yeah.

    • lololo

      i see something i like #8

    • dpa

      Im with you 18 is AWESOMENESS

  • Finster

    I would drink that bath water even if she farted in it……especially if she farted in it #24

    • Anon


      • nate

        second anon hahahahhahahaha

  • Killing Time @ Work

    #23 Mickey Mouse Club….. behind the scenes

  • Semper

    Nobody cares Lisa. Shut up.

  • Lisa

    #4 #8 #9 #15 #17 #24

    Good gawd women are beautiful. (Before all y'all start questioning my sexuality, again, I love men. Women are beautiful, my door just doesn't happen to swing that direction.) Chive on.

    • Ren

      I have to agree with you!

  • Wavien

    Ah the wonderful phenomenon of boobs ❤

  • mkloubellamy

    #12 Iove Muse… and her

    • Brad Kempeny Jr

      #21 Dyslexic? lol

      • lijpe

        I love muse too, but I do believe you mean #21

  • Nick702

    #5 My pick for the day.

    • COCO

      You have bad eyes.

    • Israeli_Rob

      Emanuela De Paula
      a VS model!
      Great pick!

  • BeccaB86

    #15 is sexy as hell for sure.

    • maurice

      I second that!

    • Homer

      To each their own, and for me, this is the sexiest picture posted on theChive thus far.

    • asb

      yeh wtf?? this is like the best photo on the internet ever

    • VinceChvr


  • HDA

    Ultra hot collection. Love #1

    • agreeable chiver

      couldn't agree more

  • jon

    #8 #10 #15 solid

  • Cjohn29

    Our versions of sexy are very, very similar.

  • Mary Jane Train

    #18 is so fuckable that I'd hit that, and I'm a chick- Chive on!

    • ----

      i'd pay to see that

      • dpa

        I know, lets all get naked together.

  • xglyphx

    #15 is breath taking…… and she can take anything else she wants

  • aosux

    I wish this thread never ended. #15 for good measure

  • opiateofthemasses073

    #13 …Yummy

  • Maynard B.

    #9- Jayne Mansfield? Nostalgic and hot. Nice rack.
    #10,#15,#16- Just once each (ok twice) and I could die a happy man.

  • Juan

    #1 & #19 … That is all… I keep thinking about!

  • William

    Find #1!!! She is ridiculous!!!

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