These dames are sexy as hell (25 photos)

  • bigleo

    #24 wins!

  • Skar

    I see a Muse shirt #21

  • James

    #15 Find her:p<3

  • Bizzle

    #1, #5 Can we have a Chivette thigh high gallery?

  • James

    #2 & #24 please find them:p

  • John

    #12 If that really worked, I'd be at Kinko's right now.

  • anon

    Megan Fox (#19) ends the argument! Anything else said is automatically void.

    • Josh

      Megan Fox is overrated. I honestly think that most of the chivettes are better looking. Let the down votes commence…

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #1 #24 get it going…for friday you have a day…..Get her done….LOL

  • Petar Đulabić

    I think that this is the best Chive post ever

  • todd

    #9, :Heaven on Earth", coming home to this every night…

  • Rusty_Dreams

    #14 #15 #16, please swing by my place, all at once or one at a time. Whatever makes you happy. 😉

  • Evan F

    Flawless Victory

  • howler

    Ok… WOW! That being said, #12 is cool as fsck!

    Thank you to the artist!

  • Cat

    There is nothing sexy about Katy Perry.

  • Ethan


  • Chris White

    #15, please come retrieve your gold medal…

  • toh12

    #6 i don't know what is about 6 but it has something different about it which makes it cool
    #7 absolutely cant stand her singing but man does she look smoking hot 🙂

  • Casey

    #1 is by far the best. So SEXY!

  • Pepper

    #1,2,15,& 24are soooo hot…please find

  • Anonymous

    #4 That is all.

  • Rmoore006

    I love her, that is all

  • Israeli_Rob

    Emanuela De Paula, she's one hot VS model!

  • the frenchman

    Elisha #14 beast almost Katy #7 but she's more beautiful than Megan #19

  • dpa

    OK Chive, lets do a deal. If you post more of #18 as she is without doubt the coolest, sexiest mammal in the history of chivin mankind and that Ive ever seen, I'll do whatever all those chivettes out there have ever wanted to do to a man and you can stick it where ever they want it!

  • Matt

    I see the Chive got a fresh new shiny account on suicidegirls :))

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