These gifs scream WTF (10 gifs)

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  • aosux

    #4 I'd be willing to watch that entire episode

    • Anonymous

      The anime is "Raimuiro Senkitan." According to wikipedia it is based on hentai game so it must have some heavy ecchi. So lock the door and sob quietly while you question why you fapped to an animation.

      • Zac

        fucking hilarious man just made me lol

      • Creed Braton

        you sure seem to know a lot about it for a person to be criticizing what other people like. I'm just sayin…

  • Jak

    #5 Yup, thats hot!

    • Poppin Fresh

      i can't stop staring at this. what does it mean?!

      • Beau Young

        Double lip-blows across the sky…

    • Erik von Markovik

      Sounds like a locust.

    • herpdedurp

      She can pretty much do (almost) anything she likes with her face, still hot!!!

  • Bob

    #3…To quote Lt. Dangle, That is wildly innapropriate.

    • winston002

      "I am beginning to seriously doubt your level of commitment to sparkle motion"

      -Beth Grant
      Donnie darko

      • Slappy McGee

        I thought Donnie Darko, as well. Sparkle Motion is a PedoBear's dream come true.

    • asK

      somebody somewhere is Making a pedobear gif out of this….

    • Toona

      I love how people always get Pedobear wrong.
      It's pedo for young BOYS not kids in general.

      • RipTar

        It's whatever the fuck we want it to be

  • WTFever

    #3 Pedobear Productions presents:

    • gwen

      NOT funny dude ,

      • Railngmailigfailin

        nah man, fuck you, that shit was damn funny…

      • Dirty Dingus

        The comment was funny…the fact that the clip exists…not so much.

    • lindeegraphics

      I'm pretty sure this was in the movie donnie darko, Is tottally wrong dude

      • hass

        it was a dance competition from last year, i remember my girlfriend watching this on tv. they were dancing to "single ladies" by beyonce. do a google search for "little girls dancing to single ladies" theres alot of stuff about it. they were like 7.

      • Somebody

        Hass is right, it was from a national dance competition. It was probably the best day of the year for a lot of pedophiles.

    • herpdedurp

      Is this the definition of "Shake it baby"?

  • TCB12

    Ill bet that #5 can do some special things with those lips 😉

  • El BrandO

    WTF indeed.

  • Big E

    pedobear approves of this post

  • lolcat

    god i hate you

    • THAT Guy


    • THAT Guy

      MAKE HATE TO YOU HAND WHEN YOU THINK OF ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lau

    Does #2 have pectoral implants along with implants on his arms and shoulders? It doesn't look natural or real.

    • Joshy2Saucy

      It's synthol, a type of oil injected into muscles to give them a fuller look. However, nobody stops when they should and it ALWAYS ends up looking ridiculous. Consider it the calogen for the steroid user.

    • Pete Ribaudo

      its called synthol and its prescribed for fags…its an oil you inject under the skin…produces dumb looking bumps on these fags who then believe it fools people into believing its muscle

      • Joshy2Saucy

        It's not prescribed for guys like this, it's generally an underground lab that produces and distributes with fake pharmacy packaging.

        • Pete Ribaudo

          im sorry you missed my mild attempt at sarcasm.

          • Dub Genus

            TRY HARDER!

    • Jojo

      It's a toxic oil that eventually degrades and rots inside the muscles. The white blood cells can not get rid of it and the body eventually get septic. This tard will die soon from all those injections. Just do a youtube search of "Sinthol Abuse 2.flv".

    • Katsura_Kotaro

      I'm a weight lifter and yeah this just doesn't look real or natural, the proportion is completely off.

  • Justin Hall

    #2 Sad to say, but those look like implants. That musculature does not look natural, especially the traps, which basically look like shoulder pads.

    Lo and behold, I googled "assholes with muscle implants" and found this guy:

    • Brad

      my first thought was synthol…

    • herpdedurp

      There is NO WAY those are implants…
      Also, what does sarcasm mean?

  • Wolfram

    #2 those have to be implants, right? Who has pecks that bulbous? I mean they're just… man boobs. I've never seen a body builder with tits like that.

    • denzino

      I think this guy wins d bag of all time

    • Bawb

      Also notice how damn scrawny his forearms are compared to the rest of his upper body, dude is fake as shit.

  • Beat14

    #9 What happens when you start to go down a hill…

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      Well at least it looks as if can out pace a zombie….I'm getting one!

  • Wavien

    #2 This is probably the type of guy who gets off in front of the mirror..

  • Michael

    #3 Someone is letting TV and Videogames raise their kids for them….

    • Dirty Dingus

      Yes…and it was these girls' parents who were raised by TV.
      These poor girls, on the other hand, probably have way too much parental attention / interference.

    • Turduckenn

      video games have nothing to do with it

    • Cavall

      I dont know what kind of TV and Games YOU play, pal….

  • VampJenn

    i'm pretty sure #2 went to his plastic surgeon and asked for the Jwoww breast implants. bad move

  • pdiddily420

    #3 WTF?!?! These kids' parents should be rounded up and stoned. And not the good kind of stoned.
    #8 Like a boss!

  • Yeahbeer

    Yep Wtf

  • THIS Guy

    I don't quite understand the humor in your trolling. How does a person "make fuck"?

    • Beau Young

      I do think that this is the point of that guy, this guy.

      • Lindsey Worthel

        Thanks for clearing that up, fuck bag…

  • @Gingergreek

    #3 I am lost for fucking words as to how disturbing I found this

    • LazyTheKid

      $10 says this was GIF'd by someone on /b/

  • Bryan

    Disgusting #3

    • Dub Genus

      That's not nice, Bryan. They're like 7 – how do you expect them to take that kind of criticism?

  • Jedi

    Looks like stellar parenting!

  • Paul

    Is that The British Bulldog?

  • Jim

    #6 – Ive never noticed before….. does the old guy behind him whack him across the back of the head?

  • shamshe

    does he have breast implants or something?

    • Josh

      yea they definitely look like muscle implants….unnatural movement

      • Ryan

        Synthol, its an injection that inflames the muscles, none of that is real, if the only give away was "unnatural movement" you are probably retarded.

        • matt

          i loled.

        • johnny

          its an oil that gives the shape of a flexed or overly developed muscle. looks like cold bacon grease and is gross when it bursts thru the skin

        • V4vendetta14

          I've never seen somebody with those injections that didn't go over the top… I'm pretty sure that Carrot-top's ridiculous looking deltoids are due to that. Apparently guidette skanks don't know the difference between synthol and steroids…

  • Special_K

    #3 All the parents that allowed this to happen should be shot.

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