These gifs scream WTF (10 gifs)

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  • McBeastie

    #11 Spike Jonze!

  • llama beans


    I would take any sexy chiver on her worst day while on the rag over this Olive Oyl/heroin looking broom stick

  • llama beans


    Steve Spurrier's daughter???

  • Urban

    WTF is right.

  • Brad

    Some parents will let their kids do anything just to be on TV or get a start in show business…

  • Matt Hicks

    # 3 Find her…and take her to Child Protective Services, stat!

  • Musje83

    #9 My country FTW! (Netherlands) Too many old people (too long without war I guess) so they must entertain themselves nowadays. Heh.

  • JvN

    He is a disgrace to Liverpool fans

    • Adam Brown

      all Liverpoll fans are a disgrace, thieves.

      • Sean Doherty

        I lol'd. A lot.

  • Kapi
  • Anon

    #10 disgusting

  • mtpuckhead

    #11 Might just give me nightmares.

  • Geoff

    Agreed.. Please don't post this shit on your site.. Ruined my whole day

    • been

      Not to mention we're probably all gonna get arrested for having it on our computers. damnit.

  • Some Bloke

    #3 If this is your daughter, you have failed as a parent. Congrats.

  • the a

    #4 which anime is this?

  • Bob

    #2 Tosser alert!!!!!!!!!!!
    #3 Pedobear alert!!!!

  • Pants

    #10 AMERICA!

  • Frankie Muniz

    #11 moar

  • Logan MacKinnon

    jackass 3.

  • NOUU

    #3 considering how full the chive is of pedophile you guys should really like this one….right?

    • Dub Genus

      Sorry Toots, but are you pointing fingers at a room full of people including yourself?


  • Conor

    #2, Sorry mate, but you will walk alone.

  • zzzz

    so, you're saying McDonalds' burgers are actually made with real beef?

  • ....

    i dont support trolling…
    but i must say… i kinda want her mouth to do things to me as well

  • Anonymous

    #10 Which only proves what a big smug asshole Seth McFarlane is.

  • Maebs

    #8 LIKE A BOSS

  • Libertariandude

    #10 It just shows you what a big smug asshole Seth McFarlane is.

    • Dub Genus

      It does?

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