I love you and your beautiful face (30 HQ Photos)

  • JayzIII

    What the fuck.. Someone sprayed shit on alot of those faces..

  • Carissa

    Chive, i think you deserve commemoration for all the freckle posts.
    Its Awesome.

  • http://dasdas.com dnasjkdn

    #7 hands down the bestest, followed by #25 zomfg followed by #29 fuck sakes! chive, your too good to those of us with insomnia…too good…

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  • FansterPantz

    # 24
    oh hell yes, Alexis Bledel

  • SkiDaPark

    #25 #26 and #22
    I'll do an official "find her" for 25 but wouldn't mind seeing more of all of them

  • SkiDaPark

    (pic didn't show in my first comment. must be me! 🙂

  • Jonfromcanada

    #7 is stunningly beautiful. Deserves a lot of credit. Wish I could meet her

  • Libertariandude

    When I say I love a girl with freckles, people tell me I'm crazy. I'm glad to see at least the Chive agrees with me. #13.

  • Nate

    I LOVE FRECKLES!!!!!!!!!!

  • godspeed

    Fucking hell go easy on the freckles chicks hey they aren't auto-hot because of them.

  • John

    #17 will you marry me?

  • bob

    awesome post as last time, hope we can see this every once in a while, thx chive

  • bob

    I dont have issues with freckles.. but there are a few too many… 2 or 3 of them look diseased… but for the most part, amazing list

  • Andrew

    surprised to see how little #29 was paid attention too
    best one in the whole gallery to me, by far

  • http://www.facebook.com/aaron.schulke Aaron Schulke

    #7 is perfect. Love those bangs.

  • jami

    #7, #13, #14 & #25
    yum yum …… OMG… more

  • jami

    Love the freckles… just right

  • sexualniner

    Too many gingers make my penis soft.


    #19, #30, WINNING

  • Haribo

    Sparrow egg faces…beautiful yes but meh. Where are the hot black chicks?

  • historywilllast

    #3 and #29 are absolutely beautiful. Stunning.

  • ludača

    all of them are beautiful

  • RicoSan80

    #14 #25 #29


  • Ben2828

    I'm surprised to see how many freckles their are! I like it 😀
    Just wondering do girls like it on boys to?

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