Hot Right Now: This camera man is as smooth as they come (Video)

There are Sexy Chivers Among Us (69 Photos)

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  • Michel Payette

    #5 is amazing!!!!!
    #25 is delicious!!
    #22 Good Lord!
    #30 Meeeeeeee-um!

  • Michel Payette


  • daaaaaa

    #63 i think theres a difference between pretty and beautiful, a beautiful woman must be rare, exotic, intimidating and ´definitely must move something on you, thats 63, epic beautiful woman…the problem is the last photo, duckface? i think ?gallery needed to kill the haters arguments.

  • cyraknoss

    That's totally a Brady's Oysters sticker on #5, between that and the familiar face makes me wish I had a name cause I swear I've seen her around.

  • Bronin

    moar #62

  • HankT


  • corey

    Chive!!! #63 is european!!! and tell me what number #39 tattoo says and find her!!!!

  • james

    Best tits in america…..3 gun salute….bang bang bang


    #28 that makes two of us. Stockings + pretty girl = win win situation! =)
    #3 is too hot for words


    #18 – SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fabo

    Find the chivette in the black stalkngs and red undies plz

  • less10percent

    #20 Yes much better! #37 #38 Nothing like a sweet danish to enjoy.


    I love thechive……..

  • Anonymous

    I can’t seem to find a place where one can actually unsubscribe, but that is what I want to do!! Love your girls, except that your pics very seldom open!!! And most of yor articles are lame and third grade-ish!!
    So lose me and send me no more or they shall be headed to the spam closet!!!

  • Henry

    There are some unbelievably breathtaking Chivettes out there…

  • Justin Sanchez

    He number 20, will you marry me!?

  • Thomas

    #18- absolutely fantastic. bravo! let's get some more sexy-ass black girls on theCHIVE!

  • Drew

    MORE #29!!!

  • Drew

    And #46!

  • shane
  • PJA

    Which week/image is the first one of #20, the "hoodie" girl?

  • Anonymous

    Without MOAR of 29 I’m not sure I can live a fully happy life

  • tribbledibble

    great post from 1 to end.

  • shane
  • bmoneey

    #29 MOAR #29 Find #29 Did I mention #29??? PLEASE FIND #29

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