Modern sexy stars made to look like vintage pin-up art (12 Photos)

The miracle of Photoshop strikes again.
These photos and more at buzzfeed.

  • Drmzindec

    All of them are way to thin to actually be pinups (When woman where real)! Good effort though, if only they where real woman! 😦

  • Megan

    #4 is sexy as hell but good lord could they have photoshopped her waist anymore? it looks like she has no ribs!

  • tigerbomb8

    #3 can blow my trumpet

  • >18Only

    #2 FTMFW

    #11 Amanda Seyfreid, or as I call her "Elf Shoes" watch the movie Chloe and you will see why.

  • Paul

    Who Is Number 2?

  • Paul

    Who Is #2 ? Shhe The Best

  • aaaa

    These are all from Vanity Fair. They do one a month of different actresses and occasionally an actor.

  • vitobonespur

    I thought FTW meant "Fuck the World." Or is there another meaning?

    • That Guy

      I thought that's all it meant to. it also means 'for the win' as well.

  • Vanity Fair

    These are NOT PHOTOSHOP…They are photographs taken by Vanity Fair and all appeared in the "Vanities Profiles"

  • zhangwei22


  • Centhuryon

    congratulations to the autors…this isan excellent vintage gallery!

  • Athena

    Photoshop indeed…. still pretty cute 🙂

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