NYC Subway, a bittersweet burial at sea (12 HQ photos)

Ever wonder where subway cars go to die? Photographer Stephen Mallon documents hundreds of de-commissioned subway cars being dumped into the Atlantic to become underwater wild-life reefs. Check out more of Stephen's photos at his website HERE

  • someguy

    I am not last

    • ryan

      yes you are

  • freakscene

    "Underwater wildlife reefs"? Just sounds like a way to justify dumping their trash into the ocean.

    • Dude

      No it actually is very good for the fishes, mayeb too good.

      Here's just one of many articles

      • freakscene

        I don't doubt the results, it just sounded "fishy" (if you will)

        • Poppin Fresh


      • Just Sayin'

        Whoa whoa whoa…so the New York Times posts an article explaining how dumping New York Subway Cars is good for the environment, and you see absolutely no chance they made it up to cover up their own city?

    • Yup

      Thats probably what it would sound like to someone who cant think.

  • THAT Guy

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    NYC FTL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I WIN THE INTERNET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • THAT Guy

      AND MY PENIS IS REALLY SMALL! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Poppin Fresh

    weird… is there just a random pile of subway cars at the bottom of the sea? that can't be good, can it?!

    • facebook


  • THAT guy is a douche

    I wish they would show some pictures of what they look like after they have been down there for a while … does it actually work?

    • Kellen

      They do it frequently with naval ships too.

      • Poppin Fresh

        I love that site. ick… pictures of shellman of china make me ill… back to hot chick posts.

      • alohaboy

        Well done Kellen, great link! thank you

  • Kellen

    It's not just a random piling, they do strip out anything that would be harmful to wildlife, and the cars become the framework for coral to grow on, we've destroyed so many coral reefs that habitats for creatures that need places to hide from larger creatures have diminished.

    You could say they're just using it as an excuse to dump trash in the ocean, but it would cost them a lot less to just throw it in a landfill, or be worth more to them if they melted it down for recycling. In reality it actually is environmentally friendlier than a landfill.

    • Mark Santiago Rea

      I don't wanna be a dick, but I'm sorry to inform you that there aren't any coral reefs by New York. Its not tropical, thus no reefs. Its just not warm enough.

      On the other hand these things look like giant soda cans, why don't they just recycle them?

      • bender

        I don't wanna be a dick either but

        • Mark Santiago Rea

          haha oh crap. Did not know they grow in such cold weather. Well thats pretty awesome.

      • Jake

        Not trying to be a dick also, but actually it still supports the base organisms in that level of depth of water. Tons of invertebrates now have a home instead of just sand bottom and they are prey for fish. They aren't completely the same ecosystems as the tropical coral reefs but they do provide similar ecosystems. By the way, coral reefs have been found to grow in some deep and cold waters too. Google it.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    how thoughtful, now people who drown can take the subway back to shore.

    cheers *chugs another beer*

  • slutifer

    what abou recycling that steel??

    • YEAH!

      Because re-using it to better the environment is wasteful?

      • b-ry

        metal sunk in the ocean can't possibly better the environment…unless your being sarcastic.

        • der


          • Chocolate Shake

            I agree with der. You're a moron.

            • Kilroy

              his name is b-ry

        • Werd

          its called science bro. use it

  • Urban

    #4 Hmm. Seems like they could recycle all of that metal.

  • salverai

    how many homes could those make? such a waste!

    • LOL

      You live in a steel home. A trailer, I'm guessing.

  • WinningChiver

    Would be better if THAT guy and Paula were chained up inside one of the cars…

  • tkbaha

    there was a guy
    an under water guy who controlled the sea
    got killed by ten million pounds of sludge
    from new york and new jersey
    this monkey's gone to heaven

    • TomTheCameraGuy


      • corbin


  • S12

    Why not let the homeless move into these? Much better than a cardboard box and they need them more than the fishes.

    • Major Fathead

      Underwater? I don't think the homeless could hold their breath that long

  • force kin

    what an excuse …. might try 'no mate i didnt steal this car i borrowed it as its not energy efficient just parked up'

    • Nazz1962

      We have no idea what you just said!

  • AZbtchs

    why are these being thrown into the ocean? Recycle the metal, perhaps? What a waste.

  • Wolfmane

    "In the Atlantic." I wonder where that happens to be considering I thought that coral prefer warm clear waters.

  • B-ry

    this would be much more interesting in video form.

  • ROK247

    there are vast stretches of the ocean floor that are like deserts – there is nothing down there at all. but plop something like these rail cars down and in a matter of days it will be teeming with new life. entire ecosystems will develop around and inside them. iron and steel are inert and won't harm anything. they will rust and iron oxide is actually food for microorganisms.

    some of you chivers need to take a minute or two every once and awhile and use the internet for something other than fap material.

    • Someone gets it.

      Clap, clap, clap.

    • Werd

      Thank you, someone who knows what they are talking about!

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    I like the shot compositions. Especially #11

  • pfulmtl

    wtf, recycle motherfuckers

  • Mr RAger

    try doing some research before posting next time…… googling this will provide you with info that shows this is very good for oceanic ecosystems

  • Carmine

    THIS IS GOOD FOR THE OCEAN!!!! stop saying this is polluting cause you dont know what you're talking about! Just google it for God's sake

    • skylarrr

      how is it good?

  • Billy O'Neill

    Ive lived in NYC for 22 years and never knew where they went… Thanks chive

  • Eric

    This post seriously needed the follow-up pictures. These "wreck reefs" can be pretty fascinating.

  • Robinis

    got to hate the Americans..

    • Werd

      you best be trollin

    • Carmine

      Those damn Americans, using old subway cars to create artificial habitats for thousands of species of aquatic life…….. what a bunch of jerks

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