NYC Subway, a bittersweet burial at sea (12 HQ photos)

Ever wonder where subway cars go to die? Photographer Stephen Mallon documents hundreds of de-commissioned subway cars being dumped into the Atlantic to become underwater wild-life reefs. Check out more of Stephen's photos at his website HERE

  • Wee

    I love the eco warriors on here too stupid to realize that this is a very effective method of reusing and recycling. Can’t fix stupid.

    • drew

      …and that reusing is actually more energy efficient than recycling. You need to get that steel awfully hot to use it again, kids.

  • Werk it.

    You 've proven your IQ to be zero, for damn sure. I can’t believe someone thinks Iron and Carbon are unnatural. Just incredible. Next time try to use your brain and not your emotion, as you are what is wrong with modern society.

  • Carmine

    Google search 'artificial reefs'

  • Chuckles the Clown

    Amazes me that as I scroll down reading the comments, I see the same stupid questions about recycling and how bad they think it is for the environment being answered over and over

  • Steven

    Makes no sense. The city could get a good chunk of change by bringing it to a metal recycling facility.

    Not sure if this is real.

  • some dude

    I would like to see one post opposing this that

    A) doesn't want to reward a lazy person that can't support his or herself with a home (WHERE WOULD YOU PUT THE DAMN THINGS?)

    B) has a valid reason for why this won't work

    C) isn't replying blindly because someone told them once that littering was bad.

    Do some research people. They do this many places with many types of refuse. You say you are so concerned about the environment and how mankind has ruined habitats for so many species??? Think of this as planting an old growth forest (if that were even possible) so a worm and a black-striped green eyed tree rabbit could survive, only for ocean dwelling creatures.

  • salverai

    ya cause there are not hardworking people out there that still can't manage to get by. who spend all their money on rent and have barely enough for the rest. ya giving them a free place to stay would be really really horrible. you are right. the last i checked fish are more important than human beings.

    • Just Sayin'

      At least fish don't whine and moan on the internet…

      • salverai

        obviously you've never heard of blow fish.

  • Jorge V.
  • Zoltar

    I would LOVE to have one or two! I can transform it in a really cool fast food place ! 🙂

  • sven

    in all honesty, couldn't they find other crap to dump our there. I would at least scrap them, alum. can make you some good money. I guess NY doesn't have budget problems like michigan does.

  • Htownpunk

    Who gives a shit! Everybody's opinion differs depending on what part of the country they're from and what kind of ideology they subscribe to. If they're a liberal and a "blue" state happens to be dumping shit into the ocean they call it a "brilliant idea", saying "what a fantastic eco-system this will make for the sea creatures, Muffy"; if a "red" state was doing this they'd be saying, "look at those stupid fucking hillbillies destroying the environment!" It's true and you know it……don't even lie.

  • ROK247

    in the midwest, fishing clubs and conservation organizations collect donated christmas trees from dealers that didnt get sold, wire a bunch of them together and dump them into lakes. they are called fish cribs for good reason – fish love to hang out around them!

  • john

    people 500 years from now are going to find these and say wtffffffffffffffffffffff

  • Ramo

    Yeah, totally. Wonder what depth that dumpsite is at, and also.. Why is it interesting to see them transported there, would much rather see them at the bottm after say a year.

  • Robert Batson

    some photos of the cars underwater would be even more impressive. quite cool. Chive you win again

  • skylarrr

    I read an article about how dumping subway cars can benefit the ocean. Apparently, dumping the cars into the ocean can jump-start coral-reef development. This is really a great idea!



  • Guest

    I think they should save some of them for a museum or something. Just seems like a kind of waste to me.

  • HateYanks

    Americans, loosers, the freaking lot of them! The sooner Ameri – I mean Dumbfuckistan get's wiped off the face of the planet the sooner we can all get on with actually living on this planet instead of just destroying it. Hey, for a follow-up, how about some photos of the millions of tons of toxic waste the ameriloosers have dumped in the ocean or the millions of tons of radioactive waste they have buried out near Nevada! Wow, I'd so love to be a yank and just f*&^ the planet over every day I existed. Surely killing the 200 million + american loosers would be a much much much much more effective way of doing things? Lets start with Rush Limbaugh and work from there ..

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