Hot Right Now: The truth and nothing but the truth… (35 Photos)

Recycled celebrities (24 Photos)

This artwork made entirely of recycled materials is done by artist Jason Mecier. To see more of his work go HERE.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    That shit that boy is good….

  • Anonymous chiver

    OMG! #21 is Stevie Nicks!

  • MarkT.

    very awesome

  • Ricky

    The artist looks like vincent d'onofrio

  • Rebecca Salas

    these are incredibly creative theres no need to hate on this guy. My hat goes off to this artist for doing these great pieces. <3:D

    I love #4 #6 #10 and number #19

  • Joe

    pal this is real art.. not some anti-poon

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