Trucks I would hit Justin Bieber with (22 photos)

  • Captain Obvious

    Lovit! My personal favorite is the semi with the rocket booster. You got the right idea. Down with Beiber!

  • howler

    You forgot the Oshkosh TerraMax trucks…

  • Sean

    #1 Only in America

  • Mike

    Not the oscar mayer weiner!!!! He'd enjoy it!!! haha

  • Jules

    I'm sorry, but I don't fully count Hummers as trucks…..most of them will never even touch a dirt road.

    • Jules

      #9 and #10 might but I doubt #15 ever will, it's just a cock sizeing competitor.

  • MikeL71

    Insane rides.

  • GRadde

    #11 looks pretty badass, regardless of the situation.

  • KD24

    #4 is like the gayest truck ever…a cabover mercesdes…only a v8…only in europe.

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