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When it comes to ‘Find Her’ we have several merit badges (29 Photos)

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The following are the girls the Chivers want to see MOAR of. One problem, nobody knows who they are. If you have a name and MOAR pics, just email your chick knowledge to theCHIVE and we'll post them in our 'Found'.

  • Dante

    Found #2 name ''Seksi_Kiss'' find many more of her here

  • Htownpunk

    Many hot girls on this post, but none better than #3……..

  • dacrawla

    Where's a jaw-dropping emoticon when you need one? 😮 Ahh there we go, that says it all for this picture.

  • obitwo

    Find that surfer chick from the el pollo loco commercial

  • gofast480

    #3 Is cute. Lotta Uglys

  • Fifi

    Its Arabic.I can translate some.
    "nothing lasts forever until you live as best you can… the girl in one go…boy until love was known."
    The letters in the last 2 sentences are disjointed.

  • Moe

    picture number 7 .. the tattoo is written in Arabic , i think that she wrote it because of the beauty of arabic spelling and letters and the translation doesnt really have a meaning unless i see the hole tattoo anyway the translation that is clear is :

    first line says : nothig last for ever until you live your life .. the rest is not clear

    second line : the girl that … the rest is not clear

    last line says : .. the boy until love is unkown

    Chive on from Jordan

    • Moe

      sorry picture number #13

  • stingorarr

    #17 is Melinda Sherrill. #7 is Maddalena Corvaglia. As I metioned earlier, #10 is El Wood.

    I am the God of find her (kinda).

  • DoctorD

    Chive, can I have # 8????????????

  • CDJ

    Call me weird but I think #21 is the hottest.

  • Seannerz

    Chive, where's the one gorgeous girl with the half smirk and tussled hair from weeks ago? I know you know who she is. Y U NO FIND HER??

  • Tati
  • blayzeKING

    # 28 is terrible photoshop job. Who loves long hips? Not me

  • Robert H

    #8: All night long!

  • Kyle

    #7, humunahumunahumuna…

  • moar

    must. find. them. #3 #27

  • ohhhhhyeah

    #19 is Lee Hyo Lee.. Korean singer

  • ToolGremlin

    #3 was last seen chained to the radiator in my basement…

  • Hawkins

    #1 is Chloe lamb

  • austin

    cant believe there isn;t more demand for #7. find her😉

  • uf_gator_1

    #3 #15 #15 #15 #21 #22 and for the love of god #15

  • FlatheadMike

    The girl in the first pic ic Chloe Lamb. Web cam porn star.

  • Adam

    Chloe Lamb for raunchiest Chive-shoot ever; we've concluded she's not shy.

  • howler

    #29-3: Rocking the chain-mail like boss

    #5: Mad skills! I remember when I was young enough to do that (le sigh)

  • manderr

    i read arabic, and a lot of that tattoo in #13 is gibberish, poor girl! haha but for what its worth it says something like (from what i can see, it curves around so its hard):

    1st line: nothing lasts forever even if u live ur life
    2nd line: pure crap cant make it out (but it has the words "girls, one, and in)
    3rd line: more crap, but i can make out the words "love" and "was"

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