When it comes to ‘Find Her’ we have several merit badges (29 Photos)

The following are the girls the Chivers want to see MOAR of. One problem, nobody knows who they are. If you have a name and MOAR pics, just email your chick knowledge to theCHIVE and we'll post them in our 'Found'.

  • Dante

    Found #2 name ''Seksi_Kiss'' find many more of her here http://jeans.invaders.com.ua/users/102664/photos/

  • Htownpunk

    Many hot girls on this post, but none better than #3……..

  • dacrawla

    Where's a jaw-dropping emoticon when you need one?
    😮 Ahh there we go, that says it all for this picture.

  • obitwo

    Find that surfer chick from the el pollo loco commercial

  • gofast480

    #3 Is cute. Lotta Uglys

  • Fifi

    Its Arabic.I can translate some.
    "nothing lasts forever until you live as best you can… the girl in one go…boy until love was known."
    The letters in the last 2 sentences are disjointed.

  • Moe

    picture number 7 .. the tattoo is written in Arabic , i think that she wrote it because of the beauty of arabic spelling and letters and the translation doesnt really have a meaning unless i see the hole tattoo anyway the translation that is clear is :

    first line says : nothig last for ever until you live your life .. the rest is not clear

    second line : the girl that … the rest is not clear

    last line says : .. the boy until love is unkown

    Chive on from Jordan

    • Moe

      sorry picture number #13

  • stingorarr

    #17 is Melinda Sherrill. #7 is Maddalena Corvaglia. As I metioned earlier, #10 is El Wood.

    I am the God of find her (kinda).

  • DoctorD

    Chive, can I have # 8????????????

  • CDJ

    Call me weird but I think #21 is the hottest.

  • Seannerz

    Chive, where's the one gorgeous girl with the half smirk and tussled hair from weeks ago? I know you know who she is. Y U NO FIND HER??

  • Tati
  • blayzeKING

    # 28 is terrible photoshop job. Who loves long hips? Not me

  • Robert H

    #8: All night long!

  • Kyle

    #7, humunahumunahumuna…

  • moar

    must. find. them. #3 #27

  • ohhhhhyeah

    #19 is Lee Hyo Lee.. Korean singer

  • ToolGremlin

    #3 was last seen chained to the radiator in my basement…

  • Hawkins

    #1 is Chloe lamb

  • austin

    cant believe there isn;t more demand for #7. find her 😉

  • uf_gator_1

    #3 #15 #15 #15 #21 #22 and for the love of god #15

  • FlatheadMike

    The girl in the first pic ic Chloe Lamb. Web cam porn star.

  • Adam

    Chloe Lamb for raunchiest Chive-shoot ever; we've concluded she's not shy.

  • howler

    #29-3: Rocking the chain-mail like boss

    #5: Mad skills! I remember when I was young enough to do that (le sigh)

  • manderr

    i read arabic, and a lot of that tattoo in #13 is gibberish, poor girl! haha but for what its worth it says something like (from what i can see, it curves around so its hard):

    1st line: nothing lasts forever even if u live ur life
    2nd line: pure crap cant make it out (but it has the words "girls, one, and in)
    3rd line: more crap, but i can make out the words "love" and "was"

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