Awesome kid builds windmill to power his village (19 Photos)

William Kamkwamba of Malawi was expelled from his high school for non-payment. At 14 years old he went to the library and started reading an American textbook called 'Using Energy.'

Using scrap parts and garbage, William set out to make a windmill which could provide electricity to his village. People thought the kid was nuts. Turns out he was just a genius. The windmill now brings power to many houses in his village. He's finishing another windmill to pump water for irrigation. Well played, William, well played.

  • Random

    An old but awesome story. Way to go kid.

    • will

      i'll give these bitches electricity; bitches love electricity

    • Robert Kisabeth

      i bet that bikes stolen

  • Robert Kisabeth

    That Cee-Lo song "Fuck You" is this kid's them song.

    • facebook

      wow – not even close.

      • Gabriel Burgi

        Except that this story has nothing to do with getting a girlfriend, having a girlfriend, or losing a girlfriend. Other than that minor oversight, I'd say you're spot-on.


    Kinda makes me realize I haven't done anything productive with my life.

    • VinceChvr

      Browsing the Chive is super productive! I don't know how yet but it IS

    • An American

      I'm already lvl4 in Gran Turismo 5. Take that kid! I bet he doesn't even have enough power to run a Playstation 3. TIGERBLOOD.

    • attheendofthedaypodcast

      Yea, but I didn't get chucked out of school.. So I make that 1-1..

      • TicTac

        Maybe because you/your parents have money enought to pay your studies and he don't, and you have money to pay for simple thing like water and light at home? Are you sure that is 1-1?

  • Oderus

    This post makes me thankful for all the little things that I take for granted. Makes it hard to bitch and moan about gas prices or grocery prices when other parts of the world are either devastated or being upgraded to the 20th century by a 14 year old. Good for you William. Chive on!

  • IMHO

    "People thought the kid was nuts. Turns out he was just a genius."

    Isn't that always the way? Were this to happen in the West, he'd be in the asylum or arrested for building code violations within a day. *sigh*

    • Loon Nuttic

      My teachers and counselors in High School all said I was "nuts" and "crazy" and "unstable" Turns out… they were right! Ha. Haha. Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

    • Dub Genus

      Yeah, my pessimistic side is telling me someone is going to find a way to tax him for that shit.

      I hope he keeps building shit for his community. That would be a pretty gnarly life. He could make a big bicycle "Hamster Wheel" sort of thing that the village people could take turns powering by foot… God knows they'd be fantastic at it.

    • mrjimmyos

      They said my sheep launcher would never take off, but when it exploded and was sent rocketing into a field in Yorkshire I had the last laugh!

  • Winning

    Send this kid a laptop and a sat connection. Clearly, he is ready to Chive.

    • flipyeah

      Best. Comment. Ever.

      Lets do it!

    • k-9

      deserves to CHIVE

    • fibonacci5150

      thus, the windmill was built to power his comcast business network for the Chive only, and then everyone got mad at him. Haters gonna hate

      • TerryFox himself

        How do i start donating?

  • Cable Guy

    "Well played, William, well played. " Says it all!

  • Tomorrow Antram

    Building a windmill LIKE A BOSS.

    This guy rocks!

  • AJ Pain

    science win.

  • ROK247

    what he shoulda built for his village was a home depot.

    • Yeah I did.

      that anit right but it made me laugh.

    • ROK247

      yikes tough crowd tonite lol

      • Dub Genus

        lulz. All over lulz.

        • obvi


          • oh no he di'ent

            funniest thing I've read all week.

  • Marc


    • McGyver


      • MacGyver


        • Dub Genus

          In his defense, MacGyver's keyboard is made of toothpicks and rubber bands and is missing several letters.

  • adam

    necessity has always been the catalyst for creativity and ingenuity.

  • Turduckenn

    he built a whole windmill so he could chive. i would too

  • jroc

    i just took a penis in the bum

  • SweetAwesomeness

    now to work on getting a decent wi-fi signal for porn and Chive in the village

  • Andy Austin

    There is an awesome TED talk on this,


    • bisketz

      TED is the best. Gives me hope. Great link!

      • bfcknrzl

        TED rules! Great find

  • MigraineBoy

    I'm speechless… Just…WOW!

  • mtpuckhead

    This kid….THIS is the kid.

  • Geoff

    Awesome ingenuity

  • maks

    Great job! That Kid sets the direction! Good luck to him!

  • jessie

    Wow awesome kid!

  • Ben

    Great, great story. Awesome kid.

    Get this kid a scholarship to the ivy league and get him working on cancer!

    • frankie

      he seems more interested in green technology, though…

  • Gabriel Burgi

    He built that windmill on rock and roll.

  • Tony

    #19 – Like a boss

  • Royce

    Send that kid a Chive t-shirt!

    • WestPalmP

      and not a shitty mislabeled state shirt. no one wants those

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