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  • Jacob Cotter

    #10 good god damn son of a bitch.
    #11 I kind of feel sorry for, that girl is obviously super young so this is going to scar her for life.

    • "love" our president

      Seriously Chive, ease up on the minors- she's just a kid

  • Dan

    #1 Cute furry animals will eat you.

    • Dan

      Thanks for changing the pic order, Chive. #3

  • Asian_Princess

    #3 hehe…snack time!!
    #11 i think its suppose to say "can't dance" underneath…

    • quintus

      …I guess white people jokes don't go over well with the chivers

    • Geshko

      Wouldn't that be redundant? I think the gif speaks for itself!

    • McBeastie

      I am not understanding why we are thumbing down Asian_Princess. First I think she was correct in her assumption about the caption. And secondly, she has to put up with all of your "oh herro" bullshit all the time.

      • sigh

        She's stating the obvious. She deserves as many thumbs down as the Chive can handle.

        • Shake and Bake

          my crotch itches.

    • shaunathinshavis

      I dunno… I think the white girl above her is doing a pretty good job of dancing.

    • Maddog

      In that case, "White" is also interchangable with "Asian"

      • Malkintosh22

        Everyone knows asians can dance, give your head a shake.

    • aefae

      oh herro

  • Dante

    #10 things that bounce, that's just too hot….. :p could watch this all day long…
    #9 round round,get around, I get around…

    • DuffGirl

      …Yeah, Get around round round, I get around…

      • Dante

        My bad..thanks..

  • theo

    #10 i can watch that all day

  • Error404k

    #6 & #10
    All day long

    • Wavien

      All day? Think you mean week..

      • xXbeermonkeyXx

        if I had both at the same time, it would be all month long

  • Israeli_Rob

    #10 just saw it on youtube today!
    here's the link, for your pleasure:

    • Error404k

      Awesome dude,if bangbus was only real

      • Justin Barbour

        What! It's not! You bastard!

      • Steeb

        what are you talkin about? it IS REAL! just like santa and the tooth fairy…right?
        (btw, glad the video is focused on the hot one lol)

    • Addam West

      we need to find this girl…. FIND HER! FIND HER!! FIND HER!!!!!!!!


        find her… but shut her up… i don't know if it's that song or what but gosh is that annoying…

    • Guz

      You sir, deserve a round of applause.


      even comes with a slight slip…. breakfast has been served!

      • obvi

        "and now I have to whip my hand back and forth" hahah

    • Ramirez


    • Steve

      you are a good person.

    • @RawDogThatShit

      i was watching this in my comouter lab and my lab partner pointed out all the "illegal" things they were doing, and was complaining about it……..i just turned to him and said…you know how i know you're gay?…… he no longer is sitting mext to me and is doing his hsare of the work from his apt…..

      • Dotterye

        Yeah, He's gay.

        I'm just curious though, what all was he naming? So I can understand the depth of his gayness.

        • @RawDogThatShit

          He pointed out the open container, and he was wondering if the girl in the front seat was wearing a seatbelt, and then he said the girls in the back should practice safe driving by having thier seatbelts on…….now that i read that again…he's gay

    • Leotris

      I'm surprised i wasn't just rick-rolled, surprised and a little disappointed

    • Dotterye

      Thank You sir, Israeli Rob……Thank you

    • yoav^^^

      i lobe u man!
      תודה רבה רבה!

      • yoav^^^

        LOVE i mean love!

    • Giggity

      You should be awarded the Chive's ruggedly awesome award for posting this video.

    • Beau Young

      Warning: Watch video with sound OFFFFFFFF

    • steezyshredder

      now half the views on that video will be from chivers

    • Harry Wanker

      video has been made private :(((( as of 4/23/12

  • Addam West

    #10 wins…. wow. she is a babe!

    • Garth

      She's a robo-babe!

  • Rebecca Salas

    Me likes #10 and #6
    as for #9 you spin me right round baby, right round, like a record baby right round
    round, round 🙂

  • AnotherAnon


    Am I the only one who isn't ecstatic about the Conan the Barbarian remake? I'm usually all for sequels and remakes if they're good, but this is one of those things that I think just can't be matched with out The Man Arnold himself.

    Like, I just can't ever imagine watching True Lies or The Terminator with out having Arnold in it. So I feel very conflicted about this remake. They could totally make a great movie that fixes all the problems of the original, but it just won't have that same appeal with out body builder Arnold.

    The actor who will be playing Conan certainly has the voice and face to match the character, but I still think he's a bit small compared to Arnold in his prime.

    And let's get it out of the way while we're at it, I'm totally bromo for Arnie

    • Vince Weaver

      Let's face it- The Conan movies were terrible. If it weren't for the fact that Arnold got (for all intents and purposes) his start in them, they would be buried so far in the archives that it would take movie archaeologists millenia to unearth them. Love Arnold, hate the movies.

      • Ams

        They are not great movies but I still crack them out once in a while because they are movies of a time.
        A remake will be awful.

      • who knew

        The are by far not high cinema, but they are fun camp. Arnold could not act his way out of a paper bag when he did those, he did get better as time went on. If they try and remake it in a similar vein it will suck, if they go for something different it may be okay.

        • CPO_Mendez

          I agree and disagree with a lot here. Both @ Who Knew and @AnotherAnon. I love Arnold in everything and I love Conan. While the originals were not the greatest movies ever, they were and still are glorious. I still watch them and will continue to because they were rawesome. I mean… Arnie knocks a camel out twice! You can't beat that…

    • !_!

      The musical score to both Conan movies are some of the best you will ever hear in your fucking life time.

    • Eric

      Not to be "That Guy", but Conan was an immensely popular character long before Arnold came along. I can understand if he was your introduction to the character, but Arnold was about as well cast in the role as Halle Berry was as Catwoman.

      In theory, I'm all for a remake. The first Conan was at best…watchable. The second should be considered a cinematic felony. But that teaser trailer does not make me hopeful.

      And Mongo did it waaaay better.

    • Juan Epstein

      I can't beleive it.

  • chris

    For the love of god, find #10!

    • amanda
    • omer

      looks like Shawna Lenee aka Kara Mynor.

      could be wrong, but I'm sure about it.

  • Dagoth Wit

    #8 Catch me bro!

  • will

    chive you have to find more of the girl in 10…… i challenge you!!

  • Baz

    #10 I really want to be a water bottle.

    • Ben

      You noticed that there is a water bottle? I have some bad news for you.

      • Guse

        Yeah, I read the comment and had to go back to the gif to find it.

    • Dotterye

      I only noticed the twins and the lollipop.

  • Jordan73

    #11 – This is from the video for Rebecca Black's "Friday". I'm telling you right now, though, DO NOT seek out and watch said video. Could be the worst song recorded/performed ever. EVER.

    • Jeff

      Dear God. I had a buddy who played it to me at work…..I could hear her annoying Justin Beiber wannabe voice in my head for hours. I hated myself.

    • Cal

      it is so bad.

    • Jeremy

      My favorite part of that song is when she says "tomorrow is saturday and sunday comes afterwards" or "today is thursday, tomorrow's friday" Either one is good

      • rubbercrutch

        Its "yesterday was thursday, today is friday, tomorrow is saturday, after that is sunday."

        pardon me while I go slit my wrists.

        • austin

          The slow version is talent

    • V4vendetta14

      How the fuck did you know this video existed? I laughed my ass off when the black guy shows up rapping from the BMW… Nothing says street cred like a white high school girl singing about her weekend plans….

    • Kate

      I made it 10 seconds in before the pain in my ears and common sense made me turn it off.

    • elbruces

      I made the mistake of ignoring your advice… dear God, they've weaponized pop music. Bizarrely, the thing is also its own literal version.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #10 is perfect example of the hipnotic power of boobs. been staring at it for 30m, and only got away because there was a beer in my hand and I got thirsty.

    • Elbow

      A true hero among men, keep up the good work.

  • chrisdg74

    #10 – Find her for "Things that Bounce" Thursday!

    • Neil

      please Chive find her.

  • mcsgwigga

    Look at the bewbs on #10 – Awesome

  • Cleavon Little

    #7 Mongo did it better

    • adam


  • Marius

    if you agree #10 looks like Tara Reid (especially when she smiles) !!!

    • Dex

      You mean "American Pie Tara", as a opposed to "cracked out, burnt over, fell-from-the-herpes-tree-smashing-her-face-on-every-branch Tara", right?

      Man, what happened to her?

    • Dave

      I was thinking the same thing, except the hot version of Tara. Not the Tara that went downhill in a hurry and became a bucket of yuk.

  • eswitz

    MY GOD!!

    You MUST find #10

  • Cable guy

    #10 Two words…….. FIND HER

  • moar

    #10 … find her. find her now.

  • floscar

    #10 MOARZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PhonebookKiller

    #11 FIND HER!

    • duhwinning

      and then …..teach her!

    • Dex

      Ha! You're funny Pedobea… I mean Phonebookkiller

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