• Jakub Wrobel


  • adam

    She's gorgeous still remember her having a tiny role in "THE GIRL NEXT DOOR". I think OLIVIA would make an amazing LARA CROFT I heard last week they are making another TOMB RAIDER film. She looked amazing with the short black hair in TRON LEGACY.

  • sean

    this is better.

  • dacrawla

    I heart non photoshop beauties like this!

  • Spence Diamond Hutchinson

    whats up with her shoulder?

  • topdabadawg


  • Bob

    Can you just imagine her and Megan fox making out??

  • pablo


  • PokePoke

    ❤ #13

  • Nunya

    it's nice and all, but where are the boobs?

  • Diana Santos

    i wanna be like her when i grow :p

  • MrEff

    Her ring needs to be photoshopped off. She'll be single before long.

  • jimminycrickett

    I'd like to add a witty comment here, but you guys have pretty much covered it

  • mattythegooch

    Wow, her shoulder is fucking amazing………………………………….

  • bclark


    A full HQ gallery!

  • SitVisVobiscum

    Just 1 picture?

  • BobSugar

    I need no proof of her perfection, however well done.

  • Fred

    Why not post the REAL HQ photo Chive?! Sheeez. Wikipedia has it:… just click the picture for the super mega HQ which brings you to

    • whateverman

      what a nice wallpaper i have now 🙂

  • GreyGhost9

    #1 made my pants shorter

  • anil507

    #1 is awesome. Today's best photo I have seen.

  • Signal_Lost

    Wow, just wow. Anyone else remember when she was on The OC as a bi-curious bartender for a little while? Yowza.

  • MikeyMate

    Yup. Schwing!!


    I wish this bitch was as hot as every idiot thinks she is. Flat-chested android w/ zero curves. Sexy chivers put her to shame.

  • Dior

    and…. what is the big deal. Photography lighting can be just as "flaw-forgiving" as Photoshop. She looks like the chick I just saw hop off the bus going to college. Boring.

  • Kaelen

    hows about another olivia wilde hd gallery plz????

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