theCHIVE Logo Tees return tomorrow in black, white (and XXL)

shay lead theCHIVE Logo Tees return tomorrow in black, white (and XXL)

When theCHIVERY opened last week, we half expected our inventory of Chive Logo tees to last about a week. Instead the Chivers annihilated our stock in about 90 minutes flat. The fact that y’all want to rep us like that is amazing. I about shit my pants when I saw a couple people wearing our shirts on the Venice Beach Boardwalk yesterday. – Beers were instantly purchased for those guys.
Tomorrow, we’ll have both black and white Chive tees, as well as more Banksy Tees. Based on what happened last week, I don’t expect these bad boys are going to last long so get ’em while you can. You can still purchase our Mislabled States, but they are nearly gone. Also, we’re rolling out a ton of fresh designs in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

Chive On,


  • Wolfram

    I only clicked on this post because of Shay.

    • luis_pedro_sato


  • Tracy

    I wanna run into john on the beach and have him buy me a beer 😦

  • forrester

    hint: if you order a t-shirt, use the special comment section to request something from the chivers. i asked for john to draw me a picture of a unicorn riding a t-rex and send it with my shirts. and he actually did!

    • ashleyging

      how awesome of him

    • Jon

      Pics or GTFO

      • iAm1-NAMI

        pics prove nothing, so only a fool asks for pics as proof

  • Jason Ciotti

    I got my shirts in Friday for my friend and I. Sticker is on my car…and I never put stickers on my car. The shirts ARE COMFORTABLE AS SHIT as advertised. Had I known they were sending stickers, I would have requested many more…and had someone stick them on some fighter jets here and take some pictures…

    P.S. – John send me more stickers and I'll get theChive on fighter jets.

    • tit shalker

      I want to see a fighter jet with a Chive sticker on it… we will have to get that on theBrigade. WIN!

  • Stevo

    or the FATTIES!!

    • David Plummer

      Or just big guys… jack wagon

      • joe

        nope… just fatties

    • jroy

      Not everyone can fit into mediums you fucking smurf.

      • joe

        don't get all butt hurt….. fatty

  • powersticks

    Are the XXL shirts bigger or longer? I'm 6' 4'' and have gorilla arms and need a shirt with long sleeves.

  • mattythegooch

    How "Custome" can the "Custome" Con's be???? are there other options other than Pedobear……….low top Chuck's??

    I'm a picky fuck when it comes to online shopping…….usually the order shows up fitting like shit!!

    • mattythegooch

      How'z come I can't spell?

      I need to lay off the "reefer"………

  • Frank

    I like the mislabeled stae shirts. Its funny because it has a picture of one state but then says the name of a different state on it (not the one in the picture!!!)

  • jason in pc

    this fat bastard is in for a couple if you can put one more X on there. 6ft 4in and 3-1/2 biscuits.
    you know more of the us population is overweight than considered fit…. so why not ditch the smalls and go to 5x, bet you sell more than you think, this site has a lot of trolls on it.

    • Wolfram

      So… trolls = XXXL people?

      • Jason Ciotti

        Ask Paula.

  • Tony

    How about a shirt with the exact pic of Shay above?? A Chive shirt of Shay wearing a Chive shirt! I'd buy that!

    • ROK247


  • Matt

    LoL says something about the majority of Chivers huh?

  • jojo

    what time did they put them out last week? so this week I can for sure get me some.

  • kiwwi

    sahy never gets old so damn sexy

  • Crateguy

    Shay is too damn hot

  • Chris Speers

    How about a Chive T for Canada!!!!!!

  • Chris Speers

    Chive T's for Canada

  • austin

    thumbs up if u want chive logo tees in premium!

  • The OmNomNomMan

    Did i missed the restock for the large Ts? 😦

  • Edgar

    How can I get my hands on a chive shirt

  • Mr. Kabul

    Leavin' the stan in 24 days…would love to provide you guys a Chive T-shirt photo in front of the US embassy here in Kabul, but can't seem to stay up long enough when these things go on sale, damn time zone difference!

  • Jim Verchio

    Johh, a few of my boys here in Afghanistan want to purchase Chive Ts…we're not looking for a handout, but damn…like Mr. Kabul says, the time difference is killing us. Can you hold a few back for some folks on the other side of the world…guys who are supporting our great nation and want nothing more to give you guys props.

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • Sheena

    I was wondering how to purchase a bunch of ur shirts if u can help me out that would be awsome thnx

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