theCHIVE Logo Tees return tomorrow in black, white (and XXL)

shay lead theCHIVE Logo Tees return tomorrow in black, white (and XXL)

When theCHIVERY opened last week, we half expected our inventory of Chive Logo tees to last about a week. Instead the Chivers annihilated our stock in about 90 minutes flat. The fact that y’all want to rep us like that is amazing. I about shit my pants when I saw a couple people wearing our shirts on the Venice Beach Boardwalk yesterday. – Beers were instantly purchased for those guys.
Tomorrow, we’ll have both black and white Chive tees, as well as more Banksy Tees. Based on what happened last week, I don’t expect these bad boys are going to last long so get ’em while you can. You can still purchase our Mislabled States, but they are nearly gone. Also, we’re rolling out a ton of fresh designs in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

Chive On,


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