Vending machines full of ‘WTF’. No, really (18 Photos)

  • Jules

    I remember seeing something on TV that it was the worlds largest vending machine, you could get a Bently or diamond jewelary….It was in some super rich hotel lobby.

  • josh

    I saw one like #4 in a bar in New Hampshire. If you caught a lobster, you could have it prepared by the cook.

  • Dawn DuBois

    We have these here in Southern Michigan everywhere! Ah…..rural redneck life, gotta love it.

  • bmstockman
  • pdiddily420

    It's sad to think that since most of these weird ass machines are in Japan, many of them may have been washed away and are no longer in existence .

    Everyone keep the victims of this terrible disaster in your thoughts and prayers!

  • Rudy

    America. And no just fat.

  • wren

    What about the Gold Vending Machine in Dubai

  • Diana Santos

    #4 wtf?????? lol

  • andysniper


  • Hyper D

    #6 is actually a great idea!

  • top dog

    Some of this is pretty cool, beer and mabe porn , but this shit right here, #4?, is just fuckin nutts.

  • SinisteRtheWickeD

    #10 Very useful for the early morning fishermen here in Wisconsin when nothings open yet. But they should put #7 's next to them for when they're not biting!

  • Andy

    10# They have one of these at a park near my house, there a good idea since meal worms and night crawlers can live in containers of oatmeal or dirt for up to a year if refrigerated.

  • Borat

    America is the fat, Japan is the crazy, Kazakhstan is the greatest.

  • Sam

    I love how half of them are from Asia…

  • Mark

    #13 – I'd buy tie 3, that shit is awesome!!

    I don't know about buying a pizza or a lobster via vending machine, but I own a pair of Tiger (Asics) shoes and I'd buy them from a vending machine! See # 2, looks like I'd have some hot company in line as well!

  • Rebecca Salas

    #3 is just plain weird
    #9 hmmm interesting, collect them all?

  • Butt

    Oh #3…. how horrifying :/

  • Stephan Tamminga

    I don't see the one with flowers. I believe one can be found at Shinjuku station, Tokyo. For when you're late (again) and need some bribery fast…

  • Roclawzi

    Here's why I'm a bad person. I see all these machines, and I think about how frustrating it is when you buy something from a vending machine and it doesn't drop. So you push the machine. And you shake the machine. And the item moves, but doesn't drop. So you shake it a little more. And it looks like it's about to topple, but it doesn't. So you shake it even harder, unless finally, it drops.

    And then I notice most of them are Japanese, and I think…ever been so mad that you caused a tsunami trying to get pretzels out of a vending machine?

  • Henry Gibson

    What, no US airport vending machines with the pre-loaded iPods and PSPs?

  • imjuliooo89

    I just got back from japan about a month ago. They had vending machines with Cigarettes, soda, water, juice, alcohol, etc on every block! At least 3-5 on one block! They were really convenient when you're drunk and walking back to your hotel and you're thirsty and/or need a smoke.

  • fsdgfdg

    #8 is a pretty good idea

  • G55

    #3 has been illegal in Japan since 1994.

  • buggie

    #4 – they have them in korea. we caught a lobster after 3 tries ($3) and took it home for dinner! fuck yeah!

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