• V4vendetta14

    The concept is not that crazy. I used to own a IR transmitter that plugged into the headphone jack of a Windows Mobile phone. You then ran a program that converted soundwaves into IR commands, and let you control your TV or cable box. Outputting a video signal is way beyond my understanding.

  • crazycanuck80

    Pretty Cool!!

  • Jason


  • BluntForceTrauma

    If you look closely around :35 seconds you can see the recorded video playing on a billboard in the distance, it is a hoax, but the way they pulled it off is genius.

  • doodlecakes


    Welcome to my world, the world of red bull

    FISrT :3

  • ramalamadingdong

    see if he can hack his way out of a nuclear reactor…i know – poor taste

  • nick

    its a fake – not possible

  • HeroNakamura

    *squints eyes* YATAAAA!!! …..damn the first season of heroes was awesome.

  • Natalie Tuttle

    Black magic!

  • n8 rawr


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kyle-Bartley/77100504 Kyle Bartley

    Its a shame this has already been proven fake.

  • JonaThan

    good thing hes not a pervert.. or isnt it? xD

  • http://dasdas.com Zapstick_pie

    I wonder if you could do this like with cameras and transmit the signal from another camera into that camera, RESEARCH HOOOOO, inc next super terrorist!

  • tanguero

    Apart from the fact that this is fake, Tron Legacy REALY sucked.

  • ttyypo

    this is a viral marketing campaign for the movie limitless

  • LazyTheKid

    soooo much win. what is this….i don't even

  • James

    is this from the deleted scenes of Heroes? Pretty sure after this video ends he shuts his eyes real tight and the world comes to a stand still!

    • mojomojo444

      er no

  • acadea

    riiiight right right …

  • b-ry

    biggest hoax ever

  • Boris

    When will it be able to do audio?

  • http://www.9lives.be/forum/algemene-discussies/779192-je-glimlach-van-vandaag-deel-16-a-88.html#post14637264 Je glimlach van vandaag - deel 16 - Pagina 88 - 9lives - Games Forum

    […] Guy hacks Times Square screens with Iphone theCHIVE loled […]

  • Bob

    This was fake days ago when the rest of the internet saw it, and it's still fake now,

  • slick

    He's walking up to screens that function with different components and signals, even if he designed a device to boost an extreme signal powerful enough to overpower wired signals (which would require a large powerful device), it would only work on certain specific hardware/signals.
    Nice hack, but not a chance it's real.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Oscar-Cornejo/100000370658343 Oscar Cornejo

    Damn i wanna buy one too!!!

  • Britters

    Dude… you have something kinda amazing right there…!

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