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Gadget Girl: The Sangean Fatbox Radio


The Sangean Fatbox Radio is the only way to bring the tunes to the job site. With its extra rugged body and two 6.5 inch waterproof speakers, you can finally feel confident that this thing is going to last… regardless of what you put on it or put it through. The exterior support cage can hold up to 250 lbs. and will keep it safe in the event of a fall from up to 6 feet in the air. It also has a dust proof compartment that you can plug your iPod into, to be able to listen to whatever you like, and still feel secure that your music device is protected from the work site hazards.

rotocade buy now Gadget Girl: The Sangean Fatbox Radio

  • chiver

    weak….way to sellout Chive. Gadget girl….tits or GTFO!

    • ROK247

      i want to give you a thumbs down but then the end of your rant i cannot disagree with…

    • floscar

      True, first that shitty "Your mom hates this" campaign, now this bull.

    • chiver

      My biggest gripe with this is "as another chiver put it" that the ad is misleading. It looks just like the rest of Chive's content, but it isn't even a review of a cool product, it's just a blatent ad disguised as a post. That's why it's weak.

  • Patrick Wichert

    he who does not sell out when the opportunity presents itself, is a fool

  • mattythegooch

    Speaking of having a "Fat Box"…….how's your Mother?? Ahhhh, that felt good.

  • WoogyMonster

    Gadget Girl is easy on the eyes. I might just buy one if she comes by and does a little dance on top of one. For around $200, I'd love to find something that will hold up to my abuse around the work site.

  • Bob

    Advertisements on the site are one thing. Posting it where the main content of the site is located is misleading. It's like saying "Hey, check out this new picture of awesomeness"……*BAM* advertisement. We get it, theChive has bills to pay just like the rest of us, but keep the adds on the sides or tops of the site, maybe a banner or something.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    At least they had a hot girl selling it and made her do a little dance too.

    The Chive provides a service, like no other, for free! You don't like it you can GTFO.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    You know its not like The Chive inundates us with these adds. Dead Space, yes, that was a bit over the top but even that wasn't that bad. I like that they limit the product selection to items that some Chivers could actually use. What have they sold? This Fatbox, the Beer belly thing, and its not like its every day. Its more like once every other week or so.

    I for one am appreciative of the service provided by The Chive and understand that if we want this to continue that they have to bring in some coin. Better the corporate fat cats pockets than mine. Just saying.



    • Megatron

      your an idiot, if she is theChive's gadget girl, im sure they have already found her

  • Doc

    Pretty sure Dewalt and Black and Decker have had this sort of thing for like 7-8 years now

    • Max Thompson

      Ridgid too for a few years.

    • bigjohn428

      I have the DeWalt jobsite radio for years. I use it at work, at home, and at our lake house. It is the best one out there hands down.

  • Koopa

    Its been my experience that electronics of any kind don't last long on a jobsite. And at $250 I don't know many crews that would spring for that.

  • nemesis

    heh… she said doody

  • Jordan Turner

    its just something else to get stolen from the back of the van.

    and as for it being an ad i dont mind, i watched it and im no worse off than i was a minute ago.

  • Fred

    That radio is garbage…$250?! More like $69…it's simply a radio…no cd player, nothing else. And you can tell by the pix that the plastic is the el-cheapo plastic. I would love to see the day when the 80's style boomboxes came back…loud and big for a reasonable price.

  • Alaa

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