I want to go to there (24 photos)

  • Ken

    I thought that was Halstatt! You get off of the train in the middle of a forest, walk a quarter mile down to the other side of the Halstatter See and then take a boat to this city. That used to be the only way into town, now there is a highway that you can drive right into the city.

    This and the pic of Cinque Terra bring back found memories of Europe!

  • G55

    #14 Minecraft

  • Libertariandude

    #22 Paris is overrated. I prefer any large American city any day. Now #16: that's a French place I want to visit.

  • Aldebaran69

    chive you should put the names of those places


    C'mon Chive! I get u need advertising dollars but the fuckn flash shit that I've won because I'm the 999,999th visitor? Gimme a fuckn break, r u that hard up?

  • Shedeffect

    #5 – Cinque Terre, Italy

  • Wutanga

    #3 Shit Dawg I Think you ment

    Cinque Terre Italy

  • Mark

    Next time can you post where these places are? #21 looks like the ideal vacation spot (for multiple reasons of course)

  • king

    Chive, i challenge u 2 find her!!!!

  • John R

    #1 is Koh Phi Phi (Phi Phi Ley) in Thailand. Its also the location where "The Beach" was filmed (Spolier.. its really not fully enclosed, as shown in this photo going through the entrance). Great Place, Great Divings, Great Parties on the main island.

  • whitneysouth

    I've been to #1. Amazing place. I'd sell my soul to live there.

    Anybody else been to Thailand?
    Anybody else seen the Ping Pong Show? hahaha

  • Clik

    Where is #21?

  • kinky_afr0

    been to six

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