A low down dirty good time (28 Photos)

  • Random

    #3, #12 – a dirty good time indeed

    • mark

      Please MOAR of #3… splits are always nice…

    • Crusader

      I could go for a whole gallery of chicks doing the splits like this.

    • Poontangler

      #3 – Wallpuss

    • Sick350Z

      #28 haha true story

  • davisrj

    #7 Winning bat shit crazy style!

  • Wyndham

    Good way to end work today

  • Urban

    #27 Bad duckface.

    • isawoj

      She is so highly overrated. She's an Omaha 7.

    • McBeastie

      more of a smirk than duckface in my opinion.

    • Sarah's not funny

      Silverman's a douche.

    • Frank M

      It is when you're fugly & annoying.

      • Jessica Condrey

        Dont know what douche is thumbing you guys down, but your all correct, shes a total dumpster fire

    • will

      those boobs do not make up for that voice

  • dude

    #28 nice

    • Gutterville

      Can't beat logic

  • Oasis

    #5 Tits or GTF back in the kitchen.

  • Dan

    I can never get enough of #3.

    • mark

      FIND HER…. NOW!

      • Mart37

        Just go to BarstoolU.com

        she's one of the smokeshow girls, names claire

        • Ooohhh

          Ya, tell her Mart sent you.

  • Guse

    Does anyone else think that the girl in the green shirt on the right in #26 looks like Chyler Leigh?

    • http://www.facebook.com/mpriscella Mike Priscella

      No but I do see Christopher Lloyd in the top left

    • VZLA-ftw

      i see neither chyler nor christopher, but the guy in the black shirt looks like jimmy fallon to me

    • Nah

      Is that fucking Jason Mewes?

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    Wow, I laughed really hard at #20. That's the best version of that meme I've seen yet.

    • aosux

      I personally enjoyed "They laughed at my combover…I laughed at their funeral" the most

  • ----

    getting high at 4:20…cold pizza…munchies

    • Maverick

      Usually Chive pics make me react in the following ways:

      Ooo shes hot…

      But this ones just some pizza, it doesnt fit into any of the categories!!!11one

      • 420=???

        good god, type 420 into a search engine for fuck sakes. but if you dont know what it means then you might not get it even after you realize what 420(weed) means

    • Kaiwatha

      Aaaaahh ok , thanks for explaining… because i was like "puts the pizza in the microwave for 4min20s?? so what…" ^^ now i get it..

      • Quatchi

        I think the 4:20 is the time. Either that blob in the corner says PM, or i can't see straight after pulling an all-nighter. Either way it's still an awesome pic.

  • Big Fan

    #12 MOAR

    • Pat

      mmmmm, stairway Buffett…

    • cleetus

      we need the rear shot of this…..she is stunning….FIND HER and bring her to my basement (torture chamber)…

  • Israeli_Rob

    Oh, #3 and #12 proves that we need a splits post!
    thumb up if you agree ————————–>

  • toh12

    am i the only one or is #28 just not loading???

    • amanda

      It doesn't exist.

  • Wolfram

    I was going to comment on how awesome #7 is, but then I got to #12… I'll just wait here for a while.

  • Special_K

    #27 What face? Oh, you mean , the face. Ok I got it.

  • Israeli_Rob

    And just in case you didn't know, #27 is Sarah Silverman.
    She's great! and funny! and sexy!
    but a pretty bad duckface

    • Maverick

      Has she always had those sweater cows before though? I dont remember her being so "jubbly"

    • ????

      yes she is sarah silverman but no she is not great funny or sexy. i'm sorry you're wrong.

      • McBeastie

        She's hit or miss with the funny, but the sexy is undeniable. So I guess you're wrong then…or maybe we all have our opinions….nope…you're wrong.

  • toh12

    wtf now the picture is appearing in my comment but not appear on the main page

    weird =/

  • misschris

    #27 – Yes it is. Always.

    • Rightclicksaveas

      misschris needs a new Chivette temp tattoo and submit for the next sexy redhead post #13

  • Reme

    Friggin' FANTASTICALLY funny!

  • laelow

    Oh dear God! #12 FTW

    • Dupis

      FIND HER! Do it now!

  • Jason

    #27 I accept this. She is hot and funny as all hell. Plus that duck face has a different meaning

  • Wolfram

    #15 He's holding a sword, standing on the huge tits of 2 girls on skateboards, who appear to be falling in love with eachother, and valcanos are going off in the background. Oh and sonic in ball form.

    Seriously, this kid is a XXX genious. He should send the script to Ron Jeremy.

    • Giggitty

      Typically i dont care about the plot of a porno………… buuuutttttt, this has me intrigued

    • Gevth

      Kid? What kid? I drew this at work last week.

  • Catence

    #11, #20, #28 – The Chive makes getting up and going to work so much better

  • putnam120

    #3 and #12. just more proof that splits are hot. Is there anyone out there that wouldn't want MOAR!!!?

    • KyleGamgee

      A post of girls doing splits sounds good to me.

  • mitch

    #11 preparing a tasty treat for the girlfriend

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      you mean the very british "spotted dick"?

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