Nice movie tattoo, man. How’s your parents basement workin’ out? (25 Photos)

These photos and more via buzzfeed

  • callingtheshots

    well first things first…
    and Im not first……


    Agreed about my own dis like for tattoos.
    These tattoos are magnificent.


  • Basement Cat

    surprised no one's mentioned this yet. #7

    what the eff?!?!? o.0

    • KMS

      Thank you! I was hoping someone else noticed the WTF factor to this one…I'm a lil tripped out that it looks just like Kyra Sedgwick.

      • Basement Cat

        Holy shit. I didn't even realize that… now it's even creepier (didn't think that was possible)

  • Bob


    • Max

      …a chiver?

  • Nunya

    Please tell me these were temporary, stick on tats…. as much as I love all the movies portrayed in these tats I would NEVER do dumb shit like this.

  • kigero

    I have a Batman/Superman/Wonderwoman and it looks great. Most of these are gonna be one offs and are done well. But then again if you're happy with everyone getting the same tribal or inaccurate Japanese symbols then you’re welcome to follow the herd. It is your skin

  • Meredith Long

    Some of these are absolutely awesome! Love #3 #4 #6 and #11. Huge Clockwork fan.

  • fibonacci5150


  • mattythegooch

    #24 does Ink add on like 45 pounds?? J/K we miss you Farley!

  • Pixle

    You gotta admit, the quality of these tattoos are stunning.

  • EZEE


    Are there this many dumbasses in the world?

  • Kaiwatha

    all jokes aside, #20 and #4 (especially 4) are freakishly good

  • Reed

    #8…the Dude abides

  • HardCoreMike

    These are all executed very well by good artists… if you wanna see the CRAP and hall of regret it's here:

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Them people are off there Rocker and someone stole it off the pouch…Yea baby….

  • Guest

    #9 & #17 are GREAT!! LOL

  • feltninja

    Not really something I'd ever get done myself but the detail on #11 is amazing, pretty good artist

  • john

    craftsmanship on #20 is amazing.

  • sammy4231

    So, airbrush this shit on your truck.

  • Echoes

    u are retarded, they are called chest bursters for a reason. because they come out of your chest not ur stomach!!!

  • Echoes

    to all you tattoo haters out there, Why the F*ck are looking at tattoo pictures then? most of these are awesome, epic movies portrayed well by artists.
    props to most of these tats…

  • Dave the rave

    Holy fuck! these people have way to much time on their hands.

    #22 'He's the only one not covered in shit!'

  • jessie

    #4……….is awesome…really amazing work

  • mytatsaremuchworse

    They're just tattoos. I don't see how it makes them a "dumass" or that they "really really are really stupid".

    Ink on your flesh is whatever. If ya want it, get it.

  • sean

    Oh hey. I have 3 tattoos. One based on Coheed and Cambria, one on Watchmen, and the other on LOST. I play WoW, and moderately enjoy Cheetos.

    I also have a job as a Visual Branding Consultant for IBM, and make over 70k a year. I have a fiance who I have been dating for 5 years. So, if you want to just make sweeping generalizations about people, maybe you need to actually know statistics of people with tattoos and the people who actually play mmorpgs.

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