Nice movie tattoo, man. How’s your parents basement workin’ out? (25 Photos)

These photos and more via buzzfeed

  • Johnny

    and the rest of us are laughing at your fucked off tribal armband and kanji tattoo.

  • zak0622

    A lot of these are actually great tattoos…. and by that I mean from an artistic point of view. There aren't any that are done by obviously terrible tattoo artists. Poor choices, perhaps, but who knows what effect some of these movies had on the people that got the ink.

  • Pat

    Is this a vag tattoo?..

  • Akhil

    Hi : )Why men and women (society in general) still pre-judge pepole who have tattoos. girls commonly?I am a 26 year old F, have got 9 tats, lots of which can not be noticed on my every day travels. Five To Six in the summer are pretty much constantly on display. I do not aim for attention and i also have a loving boyfriend Without Any TATTOOS .I get the impression that a majority of pepole believe that tattooed persons are blind, as we get stared at, even if we return a glance many pepole keep on staring. When will society improve?

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