One American city on St. Patrick's Day: the girls of Boston (60 Photos)

Chicago get's a strong second place but there can only be one city featured on St. Patrick's Day. It's the Green Giant, Boston.
Check out Barstool Sports: Boston here

theBRIGADE wants to show off your city
Submit your Photos here

theBRIGADE wants to show off your city
Submit your Photos here

  • Qwain

    Happy St Paddy!!!!!

  • Go Yankees

    Meh, Go Yankees!
    except for #11 who is probably a transplanted New Yorker anyway


      I grew up with her. She's a Boston native

  • USArmyMP

    Best city in America!

    • spller

      not even close

      • Some Dude

        Agreed. Boston sucks. Go LA!!

  • riverjns1234567

    please please please #11 find her

  • Cbrown

    By far the best city in America

    • pete

      boston sucks…not even close

  • maynard

    Ever notices most of the signs out Bahston are..This team sucks, that sucks…
    I guess if I lived there, I'd be cynical too!

    • apost

      I know, its so brutal. 3 Superbowls, 2 world series and an NBA title in the past 10 years, smokeshows all over the place, the best summer weather in country, it's so miserable living here…

  • Bubba

    Damn, I like Boston!

  • Famine

    Wicked Pissa… I love being from boston !! Drinking at #21 tonight!!

  • dave

    i maybe from NY,but man this post is all kinds of win! #59 : NHL photobomb haha

  • TG617

    #48 MOARR!!!!

  • bunedoggle

    Boston Rules. Boston girls are hot. #42 and Bukowski's is the best place to get great bear (even on st patty's).

    • Thumpybass

      Yeah it is. And PEANUT BUTTER BURGER

  • WolfP

    When does the next plane to Boston leave? 🙂

  • frankie

    how about finding #2 for a little DAR

  • disturbed

    Wow. That was just 60 pics of all good!

    • exclll

      are u blind?

  • speegs

    #41 You must find MOAR of her!! Stunning

    • k-9

      I like that in a girl

  • daaaa bulls

    to bad every one from boston are a bunch of douches

    • DaddyD

      Too bad no one from Chicago can spell or match verb-to-subject.

      • Geo

        Fuckin' A!

  • 1sicGSXR

    #4 on the right. Wowza!

  • TommyFoolery

    #30 is making my pants tight
    I'm not sure how the rest of these girls beat Seattle or LA though.

  • Mediocre Steve

    Goddamn, this post is making me homesick. Screw Seattle this city is nothing compared to the Bean!

    Oh, Bell in Hand? Yea, been thrown out of there.

  • sirrix

    Yup – this post reminds me of the one reason I hate living in Boston: the women here (and the men, quite frankly), are ugly as shit. Think of it: if this is the best they could find, most girls here would make you vomit.

    Fuck you, Southern California.

  • frank

    if thats the best boston can come up with, i can see why its a city of drinkers…gotta make em pretty somehow

  • DarkStar

    Being from Beantown i can honestly say, there are WAYYYYYYY hotter girls than this in Boston, idk why they would ever consider Chicago for this, all thats there are black people. and barely anything is irish…

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  • k-9

    #17 #45 best two photos

    • Jason


  • Crusader

    #54 Spankings all around!

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