Prozac in the form of pics (24 photos)

  • Israeli_Rob

    #9 Mortal Kombat band is awesome! #winning!

    • LukasS

      Did you really just hash tag at theChive? You're kicked out.

  • Israeli_Rob

    #12 is Jessica Biel from I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
    best part of that movie!

    • uberbrie

      *is the ONLY good part of that movie?

      • Andy Austin

        that movie fucking great,

    • PointBlank_

      in the movie i think she shows just a hint of buttcrack…

  • Fish

    The mustache says it all. #8

    • nigga joe

      Yes, only a German with a mustache that awesome would think it was a good idea to take two fully automatic Glocks 18c pistols and understand that it was a good idea to attach them to each other.

    • Mustache

      The guns say "I roll solo" but the mustache says "You wanna ride?"

    • Rude

      Leaving a single hair on the victim is this mustachioed assassin's calling card.

    • Eight

      After bombing the Donald Trump Roast, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino moved the hair from the top of his head to this upper lip and tried to find a life as a gangsta, in hopes of maybe one day getting a high five from Snoop Dogg.

    • Mattel

      Being bullied at school? The Mattel My-First-Dual-Glock is the perfect solution that is sure to make that kid in math finally stfu about your mom.

    • Harry

      When one fully automatic Glock just isn't enough…

    • Guns

      "For those tricky to get to drive-by angles." Buy one gt one free.

  • chrisdg74

    #12 – Yes, they're real and I love them.

  • Pat

    #4 oooooooommmm, Nom, Nom, Nom…

  • marcochan

    I would do so many nasty things to #21 (Jessica Biel).

    • marcochan

      Goddamnit Chive – Stop moving the pictures around! You're making us all look like retarded titsheads!

      • marcochan

        Or maybe I'm just a dyslexic idiot.

    • Choad

      Jessica Biel really has taken a "dive" it appears……………………..YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • GK-4

        Nasty things to her; ( including but not restricted to) tossing a death-metal hobo at her.

        • SmokyJane

          he's a DJ actually… Steve Aoki

  • mattythegooch

    #24 – "Look kids, Big Ben………Parlament".

    • Stan

      LOL!!! You beat me to it!

  • zzzz

    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start

    • Stigma222

      Dude WTF No cheat codes

    • eightbit

      I was totally thinking the same thing….

      … this is also the one instance where button mashing is encouraged 😉

    • BobSugar

      Be honest… there's no need to push start or select.

      • zzzz

        i know, but i kinda just press it automatically

      • Jake Steed

        You gotta push start AND select if you're doing it right… Have you ever actually felt a pair of tits? Did it feel like a bag of sand?

    • Shawn

      Up Up …. nope its staying up it aint going down

  • VampJenn

    #12 and she is single now fellas.

    • Hawt

      The question is… are you?

      • Stigma222

        Smooth. I tip my hat to you sir


        Does it matter?

        • Jason Ciotti

          Yes. It does.

  • Terry Burke

    viagra, now comes in gif from

    • Terry Burke


    • Terry Burke

      is there a way edit your own comment? that would be great

      • Lazy

        Yeah, it's called don't make a mistake in your less than 50 character post.

        • Terry Burke

          and the jackass award goes to…. me. cuz you're right

  • Dante

    #22 OH YES…
    love meaningfull T-shirt logos.

  • TylerV

    #4 If you're questioning why that smiley face has a bow tie…then I'm questioning your sexuality.

    • Lisa

      There's a face?

  • Jimbo

    who is it?

  • aosux

    #4 Thats viagra in a pic!

  • Pixle

    Hmm… looks like fun to me. 😉 #14

    • Fresh & Clean

      You're so dirty!!! Literally… I've got the shower running 😉

    • Rightclicksaveas

      Do it + post it = awesomeness

    • aleXTC

      How about you submit a pic of yourself and a friend doing that. That would be awesome for sexy chivers day. Do it for the chivers

  • TIZ

    #13 that is really hot…

  • Seven

    Aoki!! #21

    • Justin

      I've seen him 3 times and he does it each and every time; he's a true performer

      • Seven

        Just caught him with Calvin Harris in San Diego a couple weeks ago. Phenomenal.

        • SeosamhC

          I saw him With Deadmau5 , Blew my mind

      • SmokyJane

        when he played Wavehouse in SD last summer he crowd surfed in a blow-up boat:)

  • rodrocks

    #11 The best ever!
    #15 Like a Boss(s)
    #18 Too Funny!!!

  • Screwdriver

    Only problem with #11 is they are not Double Doubles…..

    #12….The ONLY thing good about that movie.


    AGREED… Winning!

  • Jason

    #12 My left arm for that……no prob

  • obvi

    Like we have a chance?


    #18 is WINNING!

  • onlunch

    With the added GIFs through out the pafe really slows down the loading of images. And most are stupid.

  • Randy Marsh

    I don't know man, I love the teases. I can see boobs anywhere online, but those keep me guessing.

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