Spring breakers, we salute you (40 Photos)

  • guesy

    just another reason why my life sucks

  • Gevth

    As a man who lives in South America and, because of that, facing the unavoidable coming of autumn, I'm reminded of a Tim Hardin song:
    "Gets so cold in Shiloh Town
    Birds can hardly sing
    Pretty girls gonna leave the town
    They won't be back 'til spring

    I'll sing hallelujah
    You'll sing hallelujah
    We'll all sing
    When they arrive at home"

  • Dazza


  • john

    #34 amazing slip!


    It would take a Mega-Tsunami to stop all the porkin' in Padre !
    Padre Island, TX….that is

  • Michael

    Lots of babies gettin made this week

  • mtpuckhead

    #27 is amazing.

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  • truthteller

    American chicks are ugly.

  • Drew

    I don't care how hot you are, if you smoke, you have just become stupid trailer trash that has lost whatever hotness you had. Why are people so stupid #16

  • ProvenZer0

    Lots of Jail bait on this page

  • uf_gator_1

    MOAR of righty #25

  • JHL1

    #35 I like a girl who looks real

  • http://twitter.com/LMFAOvids @LMFAOvids

    WOW i wanna go to spring break!!!

  • GirthQuake

    disagree…If she smokes she pokes

  • luckyguy

    want some more hot chicks? go to http://www.oneadayporno.com

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  • bill

    wow # 31 is adorable.

  • Fat slob

    #34 is smokin. Perfect titties…

  • I will go. . .there. .

    East kaltim indonesia

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    #18 is so cute 🙂

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  • redeagle

    #18 and #22 Perfect for me all who see pure beauty….. love it!!!

  • ambendra

    nice got any of indias plz send

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