• Jack Bauer

    Love the two dogs in there!

  • Richard

    It's quite clear this guy loves his dogs, he never raises his voice and Denvers punishment is only the sin bin. My lab does the same when I tell her it's time for bed, minus the teeth! I used to have a crossbreed who would bare his teeth when he was trying to smile. I think Denver is trying to smile. This video is perfect in so many ways, love it.

  • Richard

    @ "Slomacky " If you are indeed a vet then I wouldn't recommend anyone take their animals to visit you for treatment. I have never laid a hand on my dogs yet they both know when they have done wrong.

  • Shane

    Idk about anyone elses dog but mine would have torn the bag into pieces, not a perfect mouth shape..

  • goposaur

    Labs are wonderful, sweet eating machines who simply cannot help their tummys from controlling their actions. He probably was the happiest dog in the world right up to the second dad walked through the door.

  • Jared

    That'll teach you to give your cats such awful things to eat.

    Let this be a lesson to the rest of you: No corn, wheat, soy or sorghum for dogs and ESPECIALLY cats.

  • rem6

    can you tell me the name of the song?

  • CharloViana

    Oh my God, u made me cry a lot. I had a dog very much like that one. She was my sister actually, and when she knew that she had done something wrong, she used to do something very similar but instead of showing teeth, she lifted her front leg… She died last december and all my family where very sad because she was part of us for 12 years….

  • kaly

    Why was that dog showing his teeth? That seemed more like an aggressive action than a submissive action…

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