Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Chivers! Take this moment to down a drink or a shot of something alcoholic. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Sneak it if need be because by God it’s time to let some debaucherous drinking happen.

  • spellcheck

    #17 It's spelled "definitely," brah.

  • limerick3411

    #22 Is that the Murphy's in Alexandria, VA?

  • Steven

    #20 EPIC!!!!

  • Timmy Hennessy

    #1, Chicago the biggest Irish population of any city on earth! Lets hear it for the Chirish

  • mrjimmyos

    #1 – Awesome 😀
    #17 – Lmao
    #22 – Also awesome 😀

  • Metzgermeister

    Actually, Pedo-obsessed fucktards, #8 is Shawn Johnson who is, btw, 19. Therefore, she's not a loli. (Shakes head at kids these days, walks off.)

    • Metzgermeister

      So… instead of the term Loli… Legal Alternative?

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