Found: The Colombian Wonder Tush (16 Photos)

The lead photo there has been floating around the 'nets for a long time. Thanks to one of our ruggedly handsome Mexican Chivers, we have MOAR. We still don't have a name, but we do have a very large tush and a very small girl...

  • ClariseStarling

    I'd like a butterfinger to go with that butterface. and fake boobs. actually, i'd rather just have the butterfinger. or even a mars bar.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Now thats sweet bro….really sweet….

  • DarkStar

    id break her off real quick

  • Bejesus

    I'd tap it, marry it, and tap it for the rest of my bliss filled life

  • Nick

    Holy shit, i need to find her to make her my wife

  • snotnose

    she's a dude right?

    haha just kidding but seriously Latin woman have it all over all other woman

    Latin women and Latin Tgirls

  • Pants


  • Matt

    Haters gone hate on what they couldn't handle lol!
    This chick is super hot!

  • Phontsolo

    100% fake all over.

  • rawnoyz

    could they be butt-implants? those gotta be man-made coz i'd make them just like that everytime!

  • shmee

    Such obvious ass implants.


    Im guessing my reaction right now is the same of a women seeing one of them Huge black cocks !!

  • Dude


  • Matt

    Chive, these clowns comments are redic!

  • Busternut

    HOLY FARTBALLS!! I'd tonguepunch her fartbox

  • Paul

    Colombian woman can get relatively inexpensive plastic surgery (much cheaper than the US). A butt like hers can be found a lot down there. It's too bad, since some of the most beautiful women are from Colombia.

  • Dane Wolfgang

    i'm in the airport right now buying tickets to columbia lmao

  • MacnCheese

    #16 DAMN!!! I wish she was in Columbia. She would be closer to me, lol! She'd be walkin bow-legged!!

  • bruce

    i dont care it thay are rock those are dam sexy

  • Tim Timmy

    The Goddess of Every Man's Dream

  • The Columbian Wonder Tush | Mr. Locario

    […] Click here to see more pics. […]

  • Israeli_Rob

    She's hot! good job for finding more pictures of her!

  • JealousGeorge

    Why am I not from South or Latin America???

  • Thomas Givans

    I'm not going to claim that I could destroy that chick cause I'd say she has taken her share of cock but I would have fun trying.

  • dean

    In Brazil we have a name to girls like that..
    Mulher Camarão ( Shrimp Woman)
    Cause, u can see she is not that beautiful but she have a amazing body..
    If you 'cut' her head off, u can enjoy the rest of it ;]

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