Found: The Colombian Wonder Tush (16 Photos)

The lead photo there has been floating around the 'nets for a long time. Thanks to one of our ruggedly handsome Mexican Chivers, we have MOAR. We still don't have a name, but we do have a very large tush and a very small girl...

  • STA
    I found her!!!

    Greetings from Brazil

  • STA
    I found her!!!

    Greetings from Brazil

  • Rebecca Salas

    meh not digging it she may be hot to most guys
    but I don't think….I love the more natural sexy look on girls 🙂

    more natural beauty and less plastic please

  • dtinx

    this girl is heaven sent. i fully expect the chivers to produce moar of this ass in a bikini. not really any reason to take a picture fof this girl rom another angle.

  • cactus juice


  • Turd Fergusen

    Hey we have the same first name!

  • rtrinsc

    Damn…..there ain't no sense in all that!!!!

  • Daddy Ballz

    That can satisfy me any day….. It's juss right.

  • AlbertoEsteban

    Here in Panama(next to Colombia) we are invaded with Colombian women and its sad that most of them are poor ppl who have to work at whorehouses, so you could do them for 10 to 20 usd 😀

  • hahahahaha
  • MonkeyBoy

    she aint got nuthin on this chick..

  • rocknroll

    pretty enuff girl, but that ass is just too big for my preference.

  • Space Ace

    Smells like sweet fajitas with even sweeter chili peppers um um mm good ( :

  • WERD UP!!

    It all ways amazes me when people scream "Butt Implants" ….Keep it simple stupid. 1) genetics, Spanish/Latina chicks put on weight in their butts and lets vs. European/White chicks who put it in their guts and muffin tops. Once the Latina chubbs out she gets LIPO which is super cheap vs Butt Implants which is very expensive in Latin America. They don't pump the fat back in to the booty because they don't have to. So in actuality the Booty IS NATURAL and SOFT and WONDERFUL! It is the stomach that provides the contrast to make the Booty look even more un real….Es la verdad, fue de muchos llugares in sud america y vi con mis propios ojos!!! DALE!

  • Erick Hinojosa Colin

    you might be more like "with a large penis" style

  • Lynne

    Her ass is just too fucking big.

  • TTboo

    I am soooooooooo jealous!..OMG…Red white and what?….couldn't get past the white!

  • lidalida

    It's possible she's real and she's absolutely beautiful, no question about it. But saying this is what real women should look like? We're back to unrealistic ideals… Very few women look like this.

  • Marc

    too fat that bitch

  • John

    fat ass. i don't like it!

  • Ken

    I needed a pick me up Monday so I had to come back to this post cause she has such a fantastic booty! Damn #12!

  • atotalcad

    I'd plow that ass like a New England driveway in February.

  • Acker

    Implants on both ends!

  • shane
  • Texasks

    awesome body but she is definatly a butterface

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