I miss girls bonging beers on Spring Break (25 photos)

  • fedd

    Beer, beer, beer, I'm gonna drink some beer!

    • Rick

      I like drinking beer Lovely, lovely beer

    • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

      i like beer because it's good, i drink beer because i should, if there was a song to sing i'd sing it and beer you'd bring, beer is! beer is! beer is! and stuff!

  • schmilsson


  • Dunny_

    #10 is hot. Whole mouth around the tube and looking up all dirty and shit.

    • Randy Marsh

      I was drawn to the sucking motion of her cheeks and her perfect hand placement.

    • Al Bondigas

      Like a boss

  • lolcat

    #23 she wearing pearls so its classy

  • chrisdg74

    Chive, Y U post so much this morning? Duckin' out early for St. Patty's Day?

  • Eric Cholis

    The release valve on #10 is awesome!

    • Frank

      I agree, though I can see it being used for cheating to stop weaklings from getting covered in beer when they inevitably fail.

  • agreatsign

    Fathers take a good look and remember these images the next time you send daughter a check at college.

    • wkdfrog


  • Jojo

    Nothing hotter than a girl who swallows 😛

  • Guibock

    So… I've never done such thing. What's the point of drinking beer like this (except the funny posture) ?

    • johnnycucaracha

      nothing, don't try it ever, it probably isn't even safe, you might get hurt or even develop an allergy to alcohol or injure your neck, be sure to warn everybody at the next party you go to *cough*

    • b-ry

      get drunk fast

  • Lance

    #14 #23 and #25. Oh, a-Photoshopping we will go!

  • disturbed

    E Ticket to puke town with these amatures…

  • Mr_Rob

    Love the "easy flashing" bikini on #3

    • Sauru

      first thing i thought of myself. how many accidental flashes did she do that day and why was i not there

  • @mr_joshwa

    #14 the look in her eyes, LMAO. You can tell she's thinkin, 'oh crap, this is NOT going to end well'

  • marcochan

    #25 – this device was DEFINATELY invented by a man!

    • marcochan

      and I don't know how to spell. I've already been into the green beers!

    • Joe Pancake

      …Along with every other device

  • BjD21

    #2 Based on his facial expression the guy in the white shirt has his pants off.

  • putnam120

    #25, who isn't a fan of girls sticking stuff in their mouthes?

    • lolcat

      ur mom?

    • lolcat

      ok i lie, shes a huge fan!

  • zman

    #14 thought that was snooki for a second holding the bong

  • Jesse



  • UserName

    #25 – Too much teeth…

  • Bob

    #25 good technique, useful once she's drunk

  • WinningChiver

    #1 So many swallowing girls…

  • Tean_Zu

    #24 I'd bang all those white girls. Finally some classy gals that can hang with the Zu!

  • Boris

    Yes, teamwork, that's nice to see.

  • misschris

    Beer is good, beer is good, beer is good… and stuff! Beer is good, beer is good, beer is good.. let's go drink some BEER!!

  • eyeguy

    #1 too much teeth in the front row…. this is not a chew toy

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