There’s just something about a freckled nose that gets me (32 photos)

  • rob

    soo fucking gross

    • Ben from Aus

      None of them would fuck you..

    • bobs419

      haha agree to some point.
      the girls with a few are smoking hot(that have dark hair)
      AS for gingers or redheadds. soo fucking gross somes it up.

      • Spelling Police


    • Aaron

      I'm sorry but if you don't like freckles on chicks there is something wrong with you and you should be put in some kind of forced labor camp with other people who think like you and made to work every day under the false pretense that if you work enough one day you may be set free when in fact you will not.

    • Poontangler

      You know how I know you're a fucking moron……………..and gay?

  • TheOmNomNomNomMan

    hmmm… pure beautys, but some (like #18 or #22) look shopped? oO

    i like them 😀

    …om nom nom nom

  • slick230

    What, you forgot about Natalya Rudakova.

  • DCBizzle

    #18 looks like a worm on her shirt

  • Ben from Aus

    I was expecting a few RANGAS in this post! And there were a couple. A few in there that have dyed their locks away from their natural 'tang' I bet..fuckin deceptive RANGA! We still know!!! We still know your a fanta!

  • HankT

    #3 #16 simply beautiful…

    • 0Bianka0

      Yay! Go freckled girls!:)

    • TCUchiver

      there is something about #3 that is amazing!!

      • bird

        Bar Refaeli for the win!

  • jaynecobb

    #12 and #15 please

    • Dylan

      #12: Mini Anden

  • Paul Musselman

    #21 What a great photo. Those eyes are just mesmerizing.

  • Dante

    Freckles and amazing eyes is a perfect combination.
    #15 does it for me.

    • Nunya

      yes, they is

  • chrisdg74

    Her freckled nose is one of the many reasons I married the woman I did.

  • RiKo

    #2 #16 #28 My favorite. ❤ freckles

    • Sick

      # 28 please!

  • Israeli_Rob

    #9 is the amazing Jessica Lowndes
    #3 is the stunning Bar Refaeli!!!
    #15 is Polina Kouklina
    nice post chive!

    • Jorge V.

      You Sir, are a connoisseur

  • theBox

    Thank you, Chive. This is great to wake up to! I love freckles.

  • Joben

    I don't care if Lindsay Lohan fits the profile for this post. She does not deserve to be on theChive! FUCK!

    • PokePoke

      /signed petition

    • this guy

      if i could thumbs up your post more i would

  • Wavien

    Sort of a weird fetish, Leo..

  • Adam


  • ohmyguinness

    #2 is like Megan Fox's hot sister.

  • Daemon

    Which one of these is not like the other. 31 hotties and then #20. Seriously. That's gotta be a mug shot for God's sake!!!

    • Boris

      She looks hot there.

  • storesy

    Spot the crack head in this line up

  • hyperion.pantibiblon

    #14 wins.For a few moments I felt I was in bed close to her.

  • Maynard B.

    #12,#18,#24,#30- Freckles are a hallmark of true beauty without makeup.

  • tommybhoy

    #9 Just amazing!

  • Cat

    #19 WIN

  • Eric Cholis

    What, no Olivia Munn? She's got great freckles!

    • Jay

      Exactly my first thought!!!

  • lolcat

    makes me wanna play connect the dots with my gogurt!

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