There’s just something about a freckled nose that gets me (32 photos)

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Very nice….

  • G55

    So many points, Chive. So many points.

  • Ken

    #10 and #12 are awe inspiring, but I'd take pretty much any of them!

  • Kaelen

    can i hav another order of MOAR #3 plz?

  • Rusty_Dreams

    #3 #16 MOAR!!!

  • bubblerider86

    i used to hate my freckles…but as i've gotten older i've realized they are just part of my awesomeness! yay freckles 😀

  • Amy

    Bar Rafaeli is perfection. However you are missing out on my new favorite freckled chick, Erin Heatherton. Get on that STAT.

    As a freckle-faced girl, thanks guys!

  • SCOR

    #16, #24, #28

  • Sandwiches1123

    #30 Chive, Who is this?

  • alister

    they're all gorgeous. and you STILL haven't posted up the freckley redhead boobtastic pics that i sent you of my friends, chive!!!! WTF

  • Jimbob

    Hello? Sara Jean Underwood?

  • Kay

    #21 Find her Chive. I have never wanted anyone found more than her

  • shmee

    #'s 12, 16, and 18 are RIDICULOUSLY gorgeous

  • Spencur

    #3 #9 #21 #30 ohh my goodness, beautiful

  • Andrew Curtis

    #20 WTF? seriously? odd one out.

  • naked

    16 – yes please! 21 – has to be shopped. they are just devastating. Would like to see who they belong to? Find her if you have a minute please.


  • Thomas Givans

    I don't think its the freckly nose. These women would be gloriously hot even if they had a penis coming out their face. 32 beauties brilliant work again chive!!!!! oh yea there is something magical about #14

  • KickTheBlonde13

    I would kill to have a light dusting of freckles across my nose and cheeks. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • jroy

    Great Post, Love this about when I see this in women

  • najamesk1

    Chive, You win. You really win.
    this post just made my week.

  • Lol

    Who is 2

  • matt

    Did you guys just raid the Anthropology website?

  • shane
  • Sqott

    # 24 MOAR/Find her

  • miscellaneous

    #1 , stared waaaaaay to long at that one

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