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This beautiful villa overlooks the Amandan Sea in Phuket, Thailand. The Villa Amanzi and its 8,600 square feet of modernist splendor can be rented out by up to 12 guests for a mere $2,000 to $4,500 per day.

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  • Random

    I remain highly suspicious and skeptical. Something might pop out of the pictures……

    • Jay

      I was waiting for a picture of a girl that had a questionable bulge in it's lower region.

  • Flattus Maximus

    I was waiting for a tranny pic to show up at the end. The house is awesome though. The ocean looks better than the pool!

  • AAWW Yeah

    Not to be nitpicky, but I believe it's the Andaman Sea, not the Amandan. Thailand is a beautiful place, but it would have been even nicer if I could have stayed there. I guess the crappy hotel in Patong will have to do.

    • Jason

      Shut up………………………..

    • Cold In Washington

      The "crappy" hotel in Patong that I stayed at was $12 dollars per night, was located directly on the beach, had a masseuse on staff 20 hours per day, $1 import beers, and was only 4 blocks from some of the greatest parties I have ever known. Yeah, the Villa in this post is much nicer, but save your money. Even the Andaman Beach Suites (a 5-Star Hotel on the North End of Patong) is only $150 per night. God, I miss Phuket.

    • Rach

      If you stayed in Patong you werent hanging out in your hotel anyway much… right?

  • Ned

    There's a naked tranny in the pool, a naked tranny on the couch, if you ask me the whole set of pictures is just one big thai tranny!

    • fng


      • Ned

        Ned is old enough to remember classic SNL skits.

  • Michael

    Totally expected a tranny….

  • bostonmike

    i've actually stayed there. there's nothing to do around this house. it was fun for a day…

  • Joey Mitchell

    I read the title and automatically thought "It's a TRAP"

    • DollarBillUK

      I love how you still clicked on it :D!

  • Mr_Rob

    Probably there is a .gif hidden in this post to scare the crap out of us… I'm not buying!

  • jaguar1024

    Heeeeeeeeeeeey, I liked the trannies. Not in THAT way, you know, for the, uh, comedy. I should have just said nothing.

    • fng

      lmfao at what ^^^^ wrote.

  • Wolfram

    So a house that costs, say, 2 million in North America costs how much in Thailand? 500k?

    • shazam

      But when you bring a girl back to your place that's when you notice the cultural difference

  • Rolis

    i think i saw a penis in the corner, damn you chive, you and your thai tranny obsession, but this spot looks sick for a nice spring break next year, well that and that most spring breakers cant afford it so it perfect for me and my friends who have jobs at this point, at least i hope they have jobs, and i hope they are still my friends 😦

  • Da Sandman

    what tranny? who tranny? where tranny?

  • Blindsp0t

    #3 I guess you can't say "Fish out of water".

  • imbrovvn

    Question is, is it better than the *7 STAR* hotel in Dubai?

  • jtorresfuentes


  • Paz

    Did anyone else click on this, JUST to see if there was a tranny?

  • Pat

    Chive, Why U No show Asian Girls?

  • mackin

    Actually, that hotel was designed, built, owned and operated by an entirely transgendered staff.

  • Jason

    Damn you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was one of the few times I have called a guy cute…..aaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaAAAAAaaaaaa! …………..Nice house though

  • moeshere Foxdale

    killer pad….

  • BeccaB86

    $2k-$4.5k per day? It's frickin' Thailand for Christ's sake. Nothing should cost that much in Thailand.

  • Finchy

    just wow. amazing, serene. wish i was there!

  • Kaiwatha

    the title is probably the funniest thing i've read today… but i'm kind of disappointed, i was SO sure there was going to be a tranny at the end ^^

  • Stuart

    Is it just me or does that look almost exactly like Flyyn's house from tron legacy?

  • MeisterMon

    And how long will the Chive higher ups be staying at the Phuk house for free after this paid advertisement???

    Thought so!

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